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Ways to Promote Your E-commerce Business Without Sounding Salesy


Most people in the current times spend at least two hours on social media daily which adds up to at least five years and four months’ time spent on the social apps in the lifetime of any person. It cannot, therefore, be ignored that people spend a considerable amount of time in trying to connect and engage with friends as well as family members. They also engage with brands as they might seek products to brighten the skin or meet some other need they have.

Don't forget social marking in your e-commerce business

The social media is relevant in providing news, family updates, events that are crucial to people as they help them in feeling connected in one place. However, despite the significant advantage of social media to people, many marketers forget to utilize it for the sales pitch. Below are the correct ways of promoting your e-commerce products without being too pushy or salesy.

Promoting Your E-Commerce Business Without Sounding Salesy

Connecting With Bloggers and Influencers

The best referrals always come from trusted sources such as those from friends and family members. Such recommendations are most likely fruitful as they have been tried and confirmed to work in most cases. Research done shows that the peers’ recommendations influence 70% of millennials once people want to buy products. In most cases. about 70% of millennials choose endorsements coming from non-celebrities.

With the use of social, the number of trustworthy people is higher compared to the conventional methods since people can rely on more than just family and friends when they are in need of recommendations. Other people who turn out to be beneficial in practice are bloggers, influencers, some celebrities, and the trend-makers. Working with the influencers can be beneficial to you as it can help in one becoming a part of the trends made.

When good partnerships with the social influencers and bloggers are created, you can beat a great advantage of increasing the products sales as well as growing a more loyal customer base. Social promotion is normally achieved through the use of influencer marketing since posts can seamlessly be blend into the user’s timeline at all times. This strategy is the most effective compared to most others as it helps in acquiring new customers easily. Such strong relationships give you the opportunity to promote the e-commerce business effectively without seeming like a sleazy salesperson. The idea generally becomes that the post may not be coming directly from your brand hence not showing any signs of being pushy. The influencers will generally share their insights about your products to build awareness and trust among the customers. Some, however, come in the organic format, but the fastest and easiest way to make use of the influences of the product is through the use of the sponsored content.

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These posts are generally paid for, and the best way to gain more customers on the social networks for your products is making the post seem as natural as possible without exaggerating the content. Mistakes in posted ads can cost the products in lost sales if they make the customers lose trust. When selecting the influencers, it is important to choose those who are excited to show off the brand and are willing to work it out for your brand to bring out the best content that stands out among the competitors. It is also essential that the influencers tag each post as sponsored appropriately to achieve the set goal either by adding a simple # ad or # paid. Remember that if the posts appear to be spam, they can push away the followers from the influencers’ part of from your brand which makes it extremely crucial to be careful at all times.

It is essential to include that the content is sponsored but always necessary to apply wisdom and creativity while doing it. Labelling the sponsorships and partnerships is also crucial in the promotion as it helps in ethical reasons and letting followers know that the posts have been paid.

One thing, however, customers should be aware that the posts from the influencers are not organic. Long-lasting relationships are crucial in the promotion of e-commerce businesses at all times.

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Consider Running a Contest or Promotion

Usually, offering a free item in a contest is an excellent strategy in ensuring you create a buzz in business among the clients. This kind of promotion helps in building the product awareness as well as the brands and results in the company support. It is advisable to stay true to your brand at all times to achieve the best results from the promotion.

While quantity might be substantial in some cases, when it comes to promoting business in the social, quality is always crucial. With proper planning, great success from the social promotion is highly achievable.

First, you need to have clear rules clearly and know what you want. When the expectations are clear for both you and the participants, then confusion is minimized, and this helps in making everyone happy even after the contest. The contest should be developed with the aim of creating new leads and attracting new customers into the business. The new customer leads should be added to the business email list and also get engaged in the social profiles improving the brand awareness.

Suppose if your business sells products that brighten the skin, you can run a contest where you ask the contestants to find out a product from your website which can brighten the skin in the shortest period of time and ask them to explain how by considering the product descriptions. The one who gives the most relevant product wins the contest.

Video sells products

 Producing Product Videos

Today, most people spend a considerable amount of time watching YouTube videos, and the rate continues to increase day by day. Visual content attracts many people in the social creating internet video traffic. It is now more accessible for people to create and share videos as opposed to the past. A video is an easy way to engage with the audience even with the use of mobile phones. It gives an excellent opportunity to humanize your brands as well as strengthen the relationships with the customers.

Promoting businesses on the social are similar to walking a tightrope. Once the messaging is active, the social posts can pick up wind and therefore sending the products flying off in the internet shelves. On the other hand, when the messaging gets wrong, you can tend to be too pushy or salesy to the followers, therefore, getting them to rush to the “unfriend” button. There is a need hence for you to find the perfect balance on getting the messaging right for the use of the social media so that you can promote the e-commerce businesses the correct way.

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