Local SEO

People no longer open the local yellow pages in search of businesses like yours that meet their needs. They go to Google and look you up on their phone or tablet. That means if you’re not investing in local SEO efforts, then your customers aren’t going to be able to find you.

Think we’re kidding? Consider this statistic: According to Google, 97% of consumers use the web to find local businesses. What’s more is that most of these consumers don’t click past the first page. So if you’re not ranking highly in local searches for your products or services, then you’re literally driving traffic away from your website and location.

To begin, you need a good website. But there’s so much more to local SEO than a static, online presence. At Towering SEO, we know the proven tactics to help you increase rankings, drive traffic and influence both humans and search engines. That way, you don’t ever have to worry about missing out on another sales opportunity again.

We can help you with:

  • Strategy: We’ll start the process by developing a comprehensive local SEO strategy that ensures all your bases are covered in terms of local online marketing. We’ve worked for years perfecting our system for local SEO so you can enjoy the best possible rankings. It won’t happen over night, but with targeted and consistent efforts, we can build a local SEO foundation that will last.
  • Web Optimization: A beautifully designed website will only get you so far in the world of local SEO. We can make certain your on-page content is hitting the mark, as are the technical aspects of your website. From schema markups to page layouts and online content creation, we can help you produce a website that will drive organic search rankings and bring you more business.
  • Optimizing Business Directories: Business directories play a critical role in local SEO because search engines tap them when compiling results. If your information is wrong or inconsistent across directories, it can hurt your local rankings. That’s why, at Towering SEO, we will work diligently to ensure your information across directories is consistent, complete and 100% accurate.
  • Content Creation & Link Building: Link building is one of the best ways to get on the map both figuratively and literally. Combined with the right local content creation plan, we can help you develop valuable link building opportunities in your local community that will boost your rankings and enhance your website’s visibility and credibility.

Why Local SEO Instead of National?

National SEO is extremely competitive and therefore requires more resources. But if you run a smaller business that operates in a smaller or mid-size local market, you don’t need a wildly expensive SEO campaign. You can invest a little and potentially reap a lot when compared to other advertising methods. And with a local SEO program from Towering SEO, we make it easy for you. You can put your business in front of more customers than ever, starting now.

Contact us today if you’re ready to boost your rankings. We offer free, no-obligation consultations so you can test the waters with us.