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Quick Checkouts Are The Next Big Thing For Ecommerce Business


The growth of ecommerce business is significantly increasing throughout the years. People have started pursuing this way of shopping than the traditional one. The process seems far less hectic and more simpler than normal shopping. You do not need to carry shopping bags all around the store. Sit comfortably at your home, order the goods you like, and they will soon be delivered at your place. Seems fairly simple, right?

What problem are the ecommerce business facing?

While this is true that online shopping is far more effective than the traditional one, there is a slight issue with it. The constant problem faced by ecommerce businesses is the decreasing retention rate. About 20% to 25% of the visitors to the site, leave their carts unattended. The conversion rate has received a severe blow over the years. One of the main reasons to this is the complex checkout process.

Why is complex checkouts a problem?

One of the main reasons why people prefer online shopping is because of its easiness and comfort. They look forward a quick and instant checkout process once they are done with their main job. What businesses often do is add multiple pages along with the checkout process. This makes it a long and hectic process only to checkout. If one has to deal with a long and complex checkout page, then chances are that they wouldn’t pay any heed to your feed and switch to the competitors. This can be a double blow for the business.

The new Magento extension

The new Magento 2 checkout process is the solution to the checkout problem. It is a simple one step checkout process that helps speed up the entire shopping process. You would only need to confirm a few important things and you are good to go. The customers have the right to edit the basic product options on their own while on the checkout page. This is an excellent function as it gives customers the liberty and they will return satisfied.

The few basic functions mentioned in the checkout page include the delivery date, delivery time, and any specific comments (optional).The best part about this is that it supports some of the common payment methods that the customers would surely have. Studies show that the customer conversion rate increases by nearly 35% courtesy this efficient checkout design.

Benefits of the Magento 2 checkout process

This extension tool helps the business in boosting their sales revenue to new heights. They can analyze the customer behavior effectively and mold their checkout process accordingly. The overall number of orders are on an upward trend as once customers have decided what to purchase, it is a relatively short journey from then onwards. The customer satisfaction also improves, and customers start to shift their interest to the business.

The best part about this Magento 2 extension is that it can easily be set up with your previous settings. The functions and user friendly and relatively easy to implement. It can often act as the main difference between the business and its competitor. Once you get the one step checkout extension, you will see some amazing results.

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