5 Biggest Website Mistakes Ecommerce Business Owners Make

5 Biggest Website Mistakes Ecommerce Business Owners Make

Running an ecommerce business seems like a straightforward affair – you have products that people want and you sell them online. You do a bit of marketing here and there and you’re off, right? Well, not exactly. Ecommerce is a fantastically competitive sector with millions of stores vying for the attention of customers.

It soon becomes very obvious that you have very little room for error which can be a problem considering how easy it is to make mistakes as an ecommerce business owner. The worst among these are website mistakes that can effectively destroy your online store.

Today, we explore these mistakes and what you can do to avoid them.

1. They Ignore SEO

We live in a world where people’s online habits are governed by various search engines, primarily Google. In such a world, not doing search engine optimization for your ecommerce store is one of the worst things you can do. Namely, without doing at least some basic SEO, you are allowing worse online stores than yours to rank higher than you and take your customers.

The good news is that it does not take too much work to get the SEO basics done for your ecommerce store. This will include finding the right domain name, handling your meta descriptions, ALT tags, sitemap and robot.txt file the right way.

In addition to this, you might want to start a blog which will help you rank for certain keywords, as well as start a guest blogging campaign that will be able to target some higher visibility websites which might be averse to linking to product pages.

Of course, you will also want to do your product descriptions the right way, meaning you will be writing them all on your own (or hiring someone to do it) as opposed to just copying manufacturers’ descriptions. Altogether, ecommerce content can get quite serious, but you need to do it the right way.

2. They Don’t Blog

We already touched upon your ecommerce store’s blog, but since it has become so important, we should probably say a bit more about the benefits of featuring an ecommerce store blog.

For one, your blog will provide you with content that you can build on as part of your content marketing strategy. You will be producing mind-boggling content that will set your ecommerce website apart from the competition and even tell a story.

Ecommerce tips

Your blog can also build you a following if you happen to strike gold, i.e. a way to engage with your readers who will then recommend your blog to their friends and acquaintances.

Your blog will also be a great tool if you decide to build some links to your website which is an integral part of SEO no matter how you cut it. Namely, since website and blog owners are averse to linking to product pages, a smart blog link might work better.

3. Their UX is Appalling

One of the main reasons why people even purchase at online stores is that it is more convenient than getting out and driving to a store. Unfortunately, this condition is not fulfilled if the website is difficult to navigate and if you start pulling your hair out because you cannot find the ‘proceed to checkout’ button.

In other words, the user experience should always be the focus of every online store, no matter how big it is and what it sells.

Imagine if you were the person buying at your online store. Can you find the products easily? Can you find information that you need before you make a purchase? Is it easy to actually purchase the products? Are you being hassled by never-ending ads?

If you feel that your user experience could do with a bit of tweaking, then by all means tweak it.

4. They Lack Visuals

The web has been undergoing a shift from text to visual since its earliest days and we truly live at the age of precipice where the focus is being absolutely put on the visual. When ecommerce website owners are in question, this is perhaps even more important than for some other webmasters.

For one, your product pages need to feature as many images and as HQ images as you can humanly muster. You might not have the budget for it, but rotatable images are even better, especially for products such as clothing, shoes and accessories. They really give the potential customers a clear image of what they are buying.

Your blog should also feature visual content heavily. For example, many lifestyle brands nowadays do not even write articles and, instead, they do videos that cover one aspect of their work – how-to videos, behind the scenes videos, interviews or anything else they can think of.

Another thing to keep in mind is the visual layout of your website and its unison visual identity. Namely, people need to be aware of what website they are on at any given moment In order for this to happen, your ecommerce website has to be visually coherent and homogenous.

5. They Lack Customer Engagement

All the best ecommerce websites are teaming with customer action and interaction. They feature dozens of product reviews where people truly go into detail about the stuff they bought. They also feature lively blog comments sections where people get into huge arguments about the stuff that is talked about in the blog post.

The days of static internet are long gone and people want interaction. Your customers want to leave reviews of your products and your customer service.

User experience is crucial

Let them do that. Not only will your website look more serious, but it will also give Google and other search engines a clear signal that your website has organic traffic. This can do wonderful things for your SEO efforts, providing you with absolutely free content that will play a role in the rankings.

Of course, if your customer service is appalling and you sell products that are subpar in quality, customer engagement may not be the best idea in the world.

However, if you can stand behind the products you sell and you know a thing or two about customer service, let your customers say nice things about you.

In addition, if you’re selling products both on and offline, you run the risk of ruining the customer experience when a product unknowingly sells out. Integrate the on and offline experience with a high-quality eCommerce platform and use a connected portable credit card reader for offline sales. All transactions should be processed through the same dashboard.


AUTHOR: James D. Burbank has been in brand promotion for almost two decades. He is the editor-in chief of BizzMarkBlog.

Video content for public relations

Creating Effective, Compelling Video Content For Public Relations

As an online marketer or PR expert, it’s time to begin using new strategies to keep your audience engaged, enthusiastic, and ready to share your latest content offering.

No one will deny that white papers, press releases, and case studies are excellent online content options. But they aren’t the only fish in the pond.

There’s never been a better time to jump all over video content creation. It’s the hottest media format online right now.

According to Forbes, after surveying a group of senior executives, they determined that 75% of them watch work-related videos on a weekly basis. And slightly more than half watch work-related videos at least once a week on YouTube.

Video marketing campaigns can be challenging to pull off, but experienced PR firms can make it happen with the right guidance.

We will now share practical tips to help you create a powerfully effective online video approach.

Let your video tell a story

Storytelling at a Higher Level

With a traditional press release, there’s only so much you can say.

You can use it to share action-oriented motivational anecdotes and statistics with your audience. But it isn’t necessarily enough to get your target audience to take the appropriate action.

As an example, let’s say your client runs an organization that has started a crowdsourcing campaign for raising funds to feed and shelter stray dogs. Even if your client made a clear and impassioned plea for help,  what would set the message apart from the dozens of other appeals for money that the average person receives each week?

In contrast, how moved will your target audience be if they watched a video of your client feeding, sheltering, caring for, and playing with skinny, hungry-looking stray dogs?

This video would really tug at your target audience’s heartstrings and make the psychological connection between the heart and the wallet. It will convince many caring people to make donations to the charity without much thought.

Sharing true life video like this is how you take storytelling to a higher level. It makes it possible to recognize the value provided by the nonprofit, and to help support their mission, people will gladly provide funding so they can continue advancing their righteous cause.

This type of sad, true-to-life video might even have the target audience weeping and bursting into tears after they see the state that these beautiful dogs are in.

What’s more important, this video will inspire many to take action to support their cause.

Video testimonials offer social proof

The Powerful Effects of Video Testimonials

Sharing testimonials with your audience is an excellent way to generate additional business. Corporations have used this approach for years. Think  “nine out of 10 doctors recommend,” the premise of many commercials.

When former and current customers take time to speak highly about their experiences with an organization, this is priceless information that you should immediately share with the world.

Posting a copy of emailed testimonials from clients on your website and on your social and media network is certainly a great idea, and it will bring new business into the fold because it provides “social proof” as to the value of your product.

Do you know what’s even better?

Video testimonial is way more powerful and it will create even greater conversions when potential customers see real people talking fondly about their experiences with a company.

Recording client video testimonials will certainly take time, effort, and energy from PR firms. But the long-term positive effects that it will have on the business will far outweigh any inconvenience one might experience during the video testimonial creation process.

Short videos engage viewers

Make Your Video Short and to the Point

People have taken to video because it’s easy to consume lots of information quickly without putting forth any serious effort.

PR experts agree that it’s a waste of time to create hours upon hours of video content that nobody will ever watch. Your viewers expect business oriented videos to be short and sweet and get directly to the point.

On the video site YouTube, the average length of the most popular videos was 4 minutes and 20 seconds, while the shortest was 42 seconds, and the longest was 9 minutes and 15 seconds.

So give the viewers what they want. Share video information in short bursts, kind of like soundbites.

Video services agree that short videos receive many more views than their longer counterparts.Statistics noted on The Next Web reports that two minutes is the maximum recommended length of a video that viewers will click on, watch in its entirety and engage with.


PR teams should recognize the value of sharing video content during their public relations efforts. Please use these strategies to create action-oriented videos that every audience is happy to watch.

How to build a better website

How To Build A Better Website

Many of us in business management can easily remember when companies rarely had a website. Those that did had only the most basic of information and no interaction. There was a good reason for this.

The average consumer did not have a home computer until the mid to late 1990’s. They were available, but they were very expensive and not easy to use.

In 2017, it is safe to say almost all of us have at least one home computer and the computer is used for everything from buying groceries to going to college.

In this age of technology, we would be shocked to know a business that did not have a website. To say we would hesitate using that business is not an understatement. Taking into account the how cheap hosting and starting a website with the help of WordPress is, there is really no excuse.

What Your Website Should Do

Your website should be a guaranteed ROI (return on investment). It is the gateway to your business and company. When your website comes up, it swings wide the doors to your products, service, ethics, reputation, and personality.

That all important “first impression” is no longer the receptionist with the bright smile, the salesman stopping by to introduce himself or even the business owner with his extensive experience and moral compass.

The first impression is on a screen that will or will not navigate a client through your world with a personal feel and little human interaction.  There’s tons of great resources out there that you can check out on how to start a blog and making a great impression.

What makes your website a winner?

KPIs tell you how your site is performing

Key Performance Indicators

In order for you to gauge how well your website performs, you must have clear Key Performance Indicators. This goes hand-in-hand with a good computer management team to follow, track, and report the KPIs.

There are many types of KPIs, and the ones you incorporate will depend on the expectations you have of your system. Basic functions measure the number of visitors and return visitors that have logged on to your site, how much time they have spent in each area, and how much money those visits generated for your business. But this is not even the tip of the iceberg. Your website designer will present you with a wealth of information and data that your website can provide to you seamlessly.

Provide excellent website content

Web Pages and Content

Business owners finally understand that every single web page is a home page.

Your website stands in the center of all your inbound marketing effortsEvery page must provide fresh content, interactive applications, audio, video, and visuals. Designing the pages that are bound to boost your result is crucial to achieving you lead generation goals.

Every page must be designed using the latest technology trends to hold the interest of the viewer and to keep them on your site longer. Further, each page should make them want more. This not only makes the consumer more prone to use your business, but they will share the information and draw others to your website.

If you are continually growing and giving information to them, they will come back again and again. This is key to building your brand.

Select a good domain name

Location and Searchability

You can have the best website in the world, but it will do you no good if no one finds it. This is why your geolocation and Google position is critical.

Of course, this process begins with a good website address.

Expert PR firms are quick to ensure the web address is user-friendly, that the home page is written in a geocentric manner, and that the content keyword rich so it secures a good position with the Google search engines.

This is not a one-shot project. Every day people are trying to get their websites on the top pages of the search engines. It is one thing to get there, and another thing to remain there.

Your website is one of your greatest assets, give it the attention it needs and it will serve you well.

Take Advantage of Tech Solutions:

In conclusion, building a website or enhancing your existing one might be a dreadful task for many small business owners. However, with new technology solutions, the task of building a website could be easier than ever.

One website building platform particularly stands out: the Bookmark Website Builder. This tool uses Artificial Intelligence to build your website in minutes and then simply walks you through the process of editing your web pages, content, searchability and design.

3 Ways SEO & PR Should Work Together

3 Ways SEO & PR Should Be Working Together

Search engine optimization (SEO) and PR have traveled down separate paths for many years, but any reason this was true in the past is no longer relevant.

Early SEO practices of introducing keywords into copy in order to achieve search engine rank and using page link building was regarded by Public Relations agencies as tricking search engines to achieve PageRank. What the PR agency did was help clients relate with audiences because of their shared interest in providing high-quality content.

As a result of Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm updates, the goals of SEO and PR came together. Due to these updates, the significance of referral sites and editorial quality has moved to the forefront. Most spammy types of SEO have gone by the wayside.

SEO and your average PR strategy have goals that are nearly identical.

  • First, they both aim to attain earned media, which means publicity gained through promotion. Commonly, this means mentions, shares, reposts, or reviews but also different promotional items
  • Second, they both need informative, newsworthy, and relevant content as the backbone of their strategy. Content is king.what

Unfortunately, great content does not find an audience by itself. The question that both SEO and PR professionals ask is how can you get other websites to talk about you. Public relations firms have always specialized in getting out the news about companies.

Developing an SEO plan

The Evolution of SEO

Google’s updates have changed SEO forever. And because of this, search engine optimization had no choice but to evolve into a content oriented, public relations focused practice.

It’s true. SEO professionals need PR expertise to truly stay relevant in this industry. Or they have to team up with PR professionals to get the best benefits from their content creation and publication practices.

What SEO companies can contribute to the process are solid techniques to get quality content recognized. Proper keyword placement, links, and descriptive meta tags can help material sent out through media channels rank well in Google.

3 Ways SEO and PR Should Be Working Together

With that said, we will now take a look at ways that you can integrate the two to create a major boost for your company.Achieve doman authority

1. Domain Boost

Blogs and guest posts are a major component in the public relations plan of just about every big enterprise. They are important because they help the company achieve a measure of expertise and authority in their market.

When writing a guest post with a byline for a website, make sure an SEO specialist looks it over. Have them focus on making the anchor text and links most advantageous to the business.

When PR professionals have a search engine optimization expert look over their content, they may discover a great way to help give your domain a boost.

It’s possible that you might be linking to the wrong page in your byline or using the wrong anchor text. An SEO expert can help boost the overall efficacy of the content by recommending or even changing up your links and anchor text to help give your domain an even bigger boost.

2. Improving Influencer Outreach Efforts

In an effort to boost the online reputation of a brand, PR teams and SEO experts should partner in this endeavor. In lieu of the most recent Google updates, social signals now play a more prominent role in search engine rankings. So it makes sense to have established relationships with major influencers. And establishing these relationships are cohesively valuable for PR teams and SEO firms alike.

By working together, PR teams and digital marketing agencies can determine, evaluate, and even reach out to major influencers in the industry together. This partnership can help boost social signals overall for the business while creating lasting media relationships.

It’s important to leverage certain media connection outlets such as Haro to leverage link building opportunities.

Promoting a product launch

3. PR Special Events & Stunts

In an effort to attract excellent coverage for your business, it’s important to make a big deal about special product launches, huge events, and even over the top stunts in the media.

Not only will you get great coverage this way, but you’ll get incredible backlinks for your business as well. Instead of having your PR team work solely on these media extravaganza events, you should have your SEO team get involved as well.

By bringing search engine optimization into the mix, you can help generate even greater levels of hype before the event takes place. This will also help you repeat the successes over and over again.

Both SEO and PR agencies can use their contacts with major social influence to help spread the news about the event far and wide. And if you invite bloggers, webmasters, journalists, and other brand advocates to the event, they are definitely going to cover it as well.


There’s no doubt that PR and SEO teams should be working together  at this point. If your teams are still working separately, take some time to bring them together so you can experience the full benefits of both of their efforts.

Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends In 2017 & Beyond

Digital marketing continues to advance quickly. A favorite social media platform will suddenly begin to lose its luster, and before long, many of the previous users will gravitate toward the newest shiny object out in social media land!

What pushes changing technology trends? Customers have increasing expectations from the devices they use, and development teams meet and exceed those expectations. Soon, a new device or application that hits the market and captures popular imagination.

What’s New in Digital Marketing in 2017?

What’s new in digital marketing in 2017? Here are five insight into the future of digital marketing.

Mobile technology rules

1. Mobile technology rules the market.

60% of the people accessing the Internet each day do so through mobile devices. What this tells you is that mobile should be your number one priority so your content, shopping experience, and payment processing needs to be mobile friendly. If it’s not, you are missing out on a huge potential opportunity since six out of 10 of your website visitors are checking you out via mobile devices.

2. Competition for digital ads continues to increase.

As digital advertising becomes the way to go, the prices to advertise online are becoming more and more expensive as more companies enter the fray. While the competition is healthy, the downside is that it’s going to cost more to reach your customers while expanding your business. If you want to try internet advertising, now is a good time to try if before prices increase even more.

Bonus: Using cartoons to get more creative with your ads: Business Cartoons For Digital – Print

User experience is crucial

3. The user experience is the priority. 

Users are spending more and more time online via digital platforms, so creating a positive user experience with the customer in mind is definitely something that you must seriously consider. This is particularly important when creating mobile sales funnels and e-commerce websites.  In today’s digital world, the user experience is the most important aspect of every digital marketing campaign.

4. Video advertising has a massive influence over your audience.

Video is huge online as we all know. YouTube has videos in the billions uploaded to their website every month, and these numbers continue to grow at an astronomical pace. The same holds true for video advertising. People love to watch videos online, and your video ads will have a massive influence on how they spend their hard-earned money. If you want them to spend their money on your products and services, then you need to start using video advertising sooner rather than later.

Apps make mobile tech useful

5. Apps are becoming the new digital norm.

App usage increased over the last few years so that app usage is become a part of our day-to-day life. This trend will continue since mobile devices continue to grow in popularity. Jumping on the mobile app bandwagon will definitely be a good thing for your business if you want to attract new customers that already have their credit cards in hand.


Each year brings new digital marketing advances as new and improved apps and programs are introduced. Staying abreast of trending digital marketing advances will to keep you on top of everything so that you never fall behind the competition.

Reaching yhour customers through great public relations

Reaching Your Customers Through Great Public Relations

The reputation of your company is your most important asset. How the public perceives you and your brand will make or break you. You must have a positive presence and maintain goodwill between your company and your public. That reputation, positive presence, and sense of goodwill is the creation of your public relations team.

PR is defined as whatever strategic communication process your company uses that creates and maintains your image in the eyes of your customers, clients, staff, and the general public. This perception is far-reaching and affects your relationships with your investors and colleagues. Even if your company has a good reputation, that does you little good if no one knows about it.

A bad reputation can be a PR nightmare for you. Even if you have the best product since sliced bread, buyers will go elsewhere if they perceive you as less than sincere, unconcerned, or with poor service. An investor will think twice about funding you if your company has a bad reputation.

Make sure your PR is culturally sensitive

A Cultural Problem Too

Good public relations is critical, but the problem becomes more complex as there is more than one “public” – especially if you want to sell your product to different cultural groups within the US or globally.This is one area where most small businesses fall short. But, even big businesses have made huge mistakes by not considering all of their “publics.” An example would be Gerber baby food, made by Nestles.

When Gerber started selling their baby food in certain African markets, they sent the same food, with the same labels as they use in the United States and other countries. It was good with the investors, it was good with corporate, it was good with everyone that had a hand in making, selling, and shipping the product.

However, the sales numbers were very disappointing. Gerber failed to consider the parents who would be buying the food. Rates of illiteracy in some parts of Africa are high. Unable to read the words on the jars, some  consumers apparently mistook the picture of the cute baby on the front as  indicative  of what was inside (ground-up babies.) If the company had done appropriate research, they would have known what pictures of the ingredients on the front. In any case, the baby food did not sell.

There is debate as to whether this story, widely reported in credible sources, is the truth or an urban legend, but the case points out the importance of knowing your audience and knowing how to keep your reputation intact with them  Public relation teams must use research to effectively (and sensitively) reach the target audience.

Getting out the public relations message

Working With Your PR Team

Public relations professionals need all of the information about the goals of your marketing campaign and who your company wants to reach.  Your PR people can only do their jobs once they have the information. They are professionals at reaching target audiences. They do their homework and know what avenues to pursue. In most companies, PR departments are not usually responsible for doing market research, but they should receive the results of studies, surveys, focus groups and other research techniques and take the results to heart in planning their approaches.  

Keep in mind, public relations is most effective when it is working with your marketing team. PR must effectively communicate your brand, its value, and what it offers in a bold, effective, but culturally sensitive way. Communication throughout the departments is important so that everyone paddles the boat in the same direction to build your brand and good customer relations.

Public Relations Coverage

PR pros skillfully place your company out there for maximum exposure and maximum impact. They may use newspapers, magazines, television, radio, social media, and a host of other tools, both paid and unpaid. Work with your PR team to get your reputation and presence out there. You hire them for their expertise, let them use it. But, don’t hesitate to ask them what they are planning and what results they expect from their actions.

It is your company. Hire a good public relations company to create your reputation in the public eye. Put a good team in place to carry the message throughout the other brand-building departments in the company. This is a recipe for success.

Bonus Tip: Social Media

As the power of social media platforms continue taking over, several resources discuss combining the power of PR with reach, using tactics like Instagram marketing. Here is a resource on how to get more followers on Instagram to get you started.

SEO Strategies & Public Relations

SEO Strategies and Public Relations

Content marketing, the creation of content about your business, is currently a 44 billion dollar industry that public relations firm professionals can capitalize on. Many business owners have gotten that message that by adding content, even low-quality content,  to their websites, blogs, and social media accounts, they can gain additional  “free” exposure when information for their customers is search-engine friendly. As a result, the internet is flooded with a mix of information that is often low quality

By developing high-quality content, PR professionals can capitalize on this growing trend of acquiring free or “earned media” in addition to placing paid advertising. When it comes to media relations and digital communications, here are some must have skills every PR specialist needs to get maximum value for what you publish.

SEO Strategies For Public Relations

Don't forget the importance of backlinking

Understanding Backlinking

You are pitching and blogging for your clients and you link to relevant content on their sites. Good content is key and back-linking, or gaining links to your client’s website is critical. Acquiring  Inbound Link (IBL)  is the most important part of marketing on the internet.


When a website links to your client’s site, Google gives SEO points for being easily found. They are now back-linked to your site. The more popular the website becomes, the better. As they receive more SEO points, they improve their rating on Google.

This strategy and many other SEO strategies allow them to climb up the search engine ladder. It allows them more “hits,” as they show up on the first page or two of website searches. You can keep the momentum going by pitching your clients as contributors to high-traffic websites.

Using Keywords Correctly

Understanding keywords is critical too. Using keywords in every headline and title written on every page of their website adds to a site’s  SEO strength. The content written on each page of their website is important to their SEO strength.

Remember, the SEO strength determines if you are going to come up on page one of a search engine search or page 139 (or worse). Search engines crawl the metadata on every website looking for keywords. This determines their search engine position. You must help clients write keyword-rich, pointed information on their websites. It makes a big difference.

Don’t Go Crazy

Although ongoing Google algorithm updates now evaluate over 200 variables and pay more attention to context than to the excessive use of specific keyword phrases, keywords are still important. However, do not make the mistake of stuffing your clients content with keywords. There are two reasons for this. One, it makes the text hard to read and redundant. If the keyword does not easily fit in the sentence without ruining the flow of the wording for the reader, do not use it. This will backfire on you – the second reason for using too many keywords.

Overusing keywords used to work in getting Google to place you higher on search engines. But Google is on to that and they will penalize you (lower your SEO rating) for doing this. In the world of internet, you do not want to upset Google. Be natural and use the keywords when they fit, and you will reap your reward.

Shareworthy Content

Once you create content, you should share it in places where potential customers can see it, interact with it, and click on links to the website. Do your homework and know what works (and what doesn’t) on social media. You must be consistent in posting concise and good information. Post “Tweets” that are informative and to the point. You want valuable and useful content that people will look for. You have limited time on social media to grab attention, so do it well.

Use video for great interaction

Be Visual

We have always been a visual society, but never more so than today. In the digital age, it is all about visual content. People expect to great pictures, cool graphics, and video. They want stimulation and entertainment without working too hard to get your message.

Google references photos just as they do print, so it is important to give your photos a meaningful title and save with .jpg or .png. This is just another trick you can use to allow your client to place better and therefore get more hits and make more sales.

Public relations firms have an opportunity to maximize client exposure on internet sites not only through paid advertising but through utilizing modern SEO strategies.

Content marketing for law firms

The Perfect Approach to Content Marketing for Law Firms

Over the last few years, content marketing has become a phrase that has certainly reached the height of popularity in many businesses, including law firms. Overall, this increasingly popular concept is making its way through major marketing circles, and the biggest corporations in the world like American Express, FedEx, and Coca-Cola to name just a few, are embracing content marketing and taking advantage of its full potential.

Smaller business owners are even having major success with this powerful new trend. This isn’t just a flash in the pan scheme that is going to disappear overnight. On the contrary, content marketing is here to stay because it provides actual value and substance.

What is content marketing? Is it really going to help put your law firm on the map?

Defining content marketing for law firms

Defining Content Marketing

The working definition for content marketing is quite simple: it means you take content created for your business and then use it as a way to promote your company.

Why is content marketing effective for the family lawyer?

Simply put, this method of disseminating information about your business is successful because it gives those interested in your company valuable information that they need to know and learn.

As an example, let’s say that your family law practice is looking to bring in new clients. You create a content marketing campaign discussing the many aspects of family law. You freely share this information with your target audience and it helps to attract new business.

For starters, by creating valuable content around family law, you prove to your potential clients that you are knowledgeable in this area of law. It shows them that you not only understand family law, but you are a serious authority and can help them with any family law related matter when they are in need of representation.

Content marketing shows your law firm is knowledgeable

Content Marketing & Making Personal Connections

Another excellent benefit of content marketing for law firms is that it helps family lawyers create a personal connection with their potential clientele. Often, you can make this connection with a blog that readers can reach through a link to a blog on your practice’s main website? By setting up a blog, you can share blog posts and other content with people visiting your website. This will help your law firm twofold.

First, it will provide valuable information for your visitors to read. If you create the right type of content, you will connect with your visitors on a personal level.  You write the content in way that appeals to a broad audience in the niche market you want to reach. While you want clients to see you as knowledgeable, you want it to be readable to potential clients.

Second, by creating additional content for your blog and website, you will generate additional traffic in the search engines. Keep an eye on the design, as it is an important visual part that will keep your visitors on the page for longer periods of time.  This will allow more visitors to find your website and they will see that you are an excellent lawyer that can represent them in all matters pertaining to family law.

Content marketing helps your law firm make a personal connection

Provide Value

Lastly, by creating engaging and powerful content, you will provide value to those looking for your legal services before they ever step foot in your office. Instead of bombarding potential clients with marketing messages, you’ve chosen to share valuable content that proves you are an expert in the field. It also proves that you are personable, down to earth, and ready to help when your clients need you the most.


As a family lawyer, you may have overlooked the value of content marketing, but it offers excellent benefits to your budding practice. Please take advantage of the opportunity that content marketing provides.

top digital marketing brands

Top Digital Marketing Brands to Follow for 2018

An Overview of Grade A, Top-Notch Digital Marketing Brands in 2018


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Patel’s blog is a gift to the digital marketing world. This expert is an amazing writer with a distinctive voice and a unique style. You’re really going to enjoy reading his every word.

Neil Patel uses his personal experience, powerful graphs, and concise information to honestly get his point across. Take time to visit the Quick Sprout blog and remember to follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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As a digital marketer, it’s necessary to keep up with all of the latest updates and news regarding SEO. There’s no better place to attain this amazing information then from the people managing the biggest search engine on the planet.

The webmasters at Google use a clean layout and their approach is straight to the point, which makes this blog a true necessity for everyone looking to keep up to date with Google’s tools and the powerful information they provide.

This blog is driven by information. They did not create it with the intention of making money. They will not waste your time and they aren’t trying to romanticize certain aspects of SEO. Their approach to blogging is concise, as you can see in their farewell to Content Keywords.

Take a moment to bookmark this incredible blog for future reference. And while you’re at it, you should regularly visit their YouTube and Twitter accounts since they are being updated constantly.

Christopher August LLC.

Christopher August LLC. is a social media agency which helps companies with delivering an ROI! They blog about growing online presence and social media marketing putting together quality content to target audience. Providing clients with complete transparency of work with the highest level of customer service and commitment to their overall business success.



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Mangools (formerly KWFinder) started with one person. Peter, the founder, leveraged his development and business skills to launch the first version of KWFinder in 2014. What was originally meant for personal use suddenly became a popular keyword research tool!
When the small team released their second tool SERPChecker in July 2016, Mangools has been established. It’s the brand and managing platform of all their tools. In 2017, they released SERPWatcher, a rank tracking tool and they’re currently working on a backlinks analysis tool.
Mangools develop productive SEO tools for productive people to make SEO reachable for very beginners and true professionals at the same time. User experience, innovative design, and customer support are their top priorities.
The user-friendly interface of our tools has already become one of our signs. Many reviews by SEO influencers and professionals stress that too. Mangools SEO tools are used by more than 150k happy users from all over the world.
Their blog deal mostly with SEO and other digital marketing case studies, tricks & tips, including the latest news about their tools and behind the curtain insights.
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OnQ is an Australian digital agency that also has a thriving blog and a host of other resources aimed at helping in-house marketers with their digital strategies with particular focus on SEO and content marketing. The site also has a range of tools to help you generate a direct link for Google reviews, identify the technical SEO issues holding your site from ranking, and more.
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Cktechconnect inc. provide online marketing and training services. Since our inception in 2009, our focus has been to help grow companies by creating successful, dynamic multimedia marketing campaigns. We deliver strategic marketing and branding solutions.

On their blog they regularly cover topics such as content marketings, social media, and SEO.

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MarketGoo offers a Free SEO Report and a paid Do-It-Yourself SEO tool, which provides an SEO plan tailored to your site along with step by step instructions on how to make the needed changes to your site so you get more traffic and better search rankings. The MarketGoo Blog focuses on SEO how-tos aimed at small business owners and website owners who are looking to take their site’s SEO into their own hands.
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The Brandpoint Blog is geared at helping you be a better content marketer. And since they’ve been in the digital content marketing space for over 20 years, they’ve got some valuable insights to share. Their blog features great in-depth pieces about SEO and how Google assesses quality, an interview series featuring marketers and strategists from all over the industry, a host of pieces on content marketing tools and content distribution tactics, and much more.

No matter what area of content marketing you’re in, Brandpoint’s blog has got something for you.

V2 Marketing

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With deep roots in marketing and advertising in Rockford, Illinois, V2 Marketing has learned an evolved with the industry. As a Certified HubSpot Partner agency, the V2 Marketing blog includes loads of helpful articles for marketers in manufacturing, healthcare and service industries. Topics cover local SEO and social media marketing, website design and Inbound Marketing to explain not only the “art,” but the “science” of modern content marketing.


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SEMrush is an incredibly powerful tool and it’s highly regarded in the industry. This top level competitive research service knows everything about SEO, and if you utilize their tools, they’ll help provide analysis and better understanding of your own website, your competitor’s websites, and you’ll learn a great deal about search engine optimization in general.

Additionally, not only do they provide services to other marketing experts, they also have a great blog that provides unbelievable insight. You’ll learn how to effectively market with email, you’ll learn how to convert SEO traffic into paying customers, and they’ll teach you about social media and so much more.

SEMrush’s blog posts were specifically written with digital marketers in mind. They share the answers to the questions on everyone’s mind. They have more than 240 post on their blog at the time of this writing, so spend as much time as you need exploring this unique and powerful website.

When you’re done visiting their blog, remember to follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Alt Creative


The Alt Creative blog is an informative collection of articles written to help small businesses interested in learning more about online marketing, SEO, web design/development, content marketing, and more.

1st In SEO

Founder Matthew Blanchfield designed the company to operate with optimal efficiency and this lean business model has allowed 1st In SEO to compete with much larger businesses in a rapidly changing industry. The new owners have experience in business management and leadership, and they’re committed to getting clients better search rankings.


Kansas City SEO


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Searching for a KC search engine optimization consultant? Phil and his expert team have been providing web design and search engine optimization in the Kansas City area since 2005.

Prior to Kansas City SEO, Phil ran a consumer software company. During his years as a software entrepreneur, he discovered the power of organic search engine optimization. After selling the software venture, Phil began focusing on providing Internet marketing services to small and medium businesses primarily in the Kansas City metro area. Over the past several years, Kansas City SEO has become the most popular brand of Internet marketing optimization services in KC.

Phil and his team strive to provide their clients with high ROI online marketing services in order to create long term partnerships with Kansas City businesses.

Eidi Communications

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EIDI Communications is a media communications company that works with clients and brands across the globe. Led by a journalist and former network news producer, they specialize in publicity, marketing, writing, video storytelling and all forms of communication.

Eric Strate

eric strate2

They help build your brand online for the long run. Eric Strate do not take any shortcuts because they have a reputation just like you, and if they help you succeed, you in return help us succeed. Traffic equals sales, they do their best to bring you maximum laser targeted traffic with a focus on conversions. Contact them today for a free proposal. They will tell you realistically what you can expect and offer you a fair and honest quote. Eric Strate do not offer any contracts, just monthly results.

SEO Expert Ireland

SEO Experts in Dublin pride on their client’s results. As they say they are more than a SEO Company, they are a Digital Growth Agency. SEO Expert Ireland helps companies in everything from SEO, PPC, to Social Media, Reputation Management, and Web Development.


The Good

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The team at The Good believes every e-commerce leader deserves a clear path that helps them realize their website’s true conversion potential. They understand how challenging it can be to take an existing website to its next level, which is why for almost 10 years they have been helping e-commerce sites increase their conversion rates without the need to increase traffic.

Sanda Lili

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Bako Yila is the CEO and founder of sandalili.com. His blog focuses on how small businesses can grow their business. You can follow him on Twitter @yilabako.


They have found that a business can be around for 25 years offering excellence in service, product, and quality. But if their online presence doesn’t reflect this same message to the search engines they may never be considered relevant in their industry. Having discovered what it takes to help each business be seen as an authority in their niche online Magnetize.Me implement the correct optimization techniques to increase both relevance and authority.

Donovan Digital Solutions


It is an agency that is more than just digital. Donovan Digital Solutions engage every medium necessary to transform human behavior into consumer action. It is not all about cute designs, fancy words and flashy slogans. Sure they do all that. They pride on the essence of the advertising experience—designing cohesive campaigns that get results!

Tactical SEO

A Veteran Owned SEO Firm focused on Integrity, Quality, & Laser Guided Results based in beautiful Denver, Colorado. They specialize in gaining top organic search engine rankings for service based businesses throughout Colorado & the United States. Their advanced SEO tactics & techniques increases company’s exposure to potential clients, growing your client base, causing revenue to skyrocket.


Conversations Digital

They help solo and small firm attorneys build client-generating websites so they can scale their practice with dream cases. Focusing on only working with lawyers, means that they can effectively stay on top of changing legal ethics and professionalism rules, industry-specific platforms, and how new strategies and tools can be most effectively implemented.

conversations digital


Kays Harbor

Experts in sharing multiple perspectives and educating about the latest in web and mobile technology with insights in industries like healthcare and ecommerce.

YEAH! Local

They deliver corporate style SEO to small businesses which propel them to the top of Google and increase revenue. They can help turn a good business into an amazing business with 200% – 2,000% ROI from SEO within a year. YEAH! Local is founded with the purpose to do all the technical side of our business, but to focus on the end result (leads, calls, traffic, revenue).


G4 Marketing Online

Their mission is to make your Online Marketing profitable. G4 Marketing Onlinefocus on results in a long-term relationship with our customers. Although they focus on new technologies, all their work is based on concepts and best practices. They offer solutions for your business, whatever your needs are.


ProFromGo Internet Marketing

ProFromGo Internet Marketing (PFG) is a Veteran owned small business that provides creative inbound marketing services to a wide array of clients scattered throughout the United States. All of the creative and programming work for their projects happens between the four brick walls of their studio located in a historic building on Pittsburgh’s South Side, just one bridge away from downtown (the Smithfield Street Bridge to be exact). PFG also provides software tools and training to help client’s internal sales and marketing teams operate more efficiently, while giving owners and executives the reporting and oversight they demand.


E6:7 Agency

The professional SEO experts and online marketers at E67 Agency, LLC represents SMB with all aspects of marketing online and offline. Their focus is on providing service above reproach at an affordable rate. They can help withdigital marketing Web Design, Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ), Social Media Marketing and consult on marketing and advertising campaigns.

E67 Agency

Capsicum Mediaworks

Their services are result oriented and customer centric. As a leading Digital WordPress agency in India, they strive to nurture & develop your ideas into premium WordPress Websites & that are straight out of your dreams! Capsicum Mediaworks excels in creating innovative WordPress Websites that are user-friendly & cross-browser compatible.


Peak Inbound Marketing

Their digital marketing strategies are custom built for you to reach your goals. Strategy is crucial in digital marketing, and strategy is our specialty. The way people buy has changed. Now buyers are in control. Peak Inbound Marketing can help you get in front of buyers when they are ready to buy.



The ZioSolutions Inbound Marketing blog features a wealth of blog posts touching on a variety of topics including content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and more.

The blog’s focus is to provide valuable insight and information to its readers and to educate its audience on all things inbound. Be sure to stay up to date with their latest posts on their blog and on Twitter.

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Epic Marketing

Businesses, like people, are unique. They all need to communicate, but message, medium, and audience depend on each situation and individual personalities. As a full-service agency, Epic Marketing has the resources to create the right package of services for each client. They adapt broad-spectrum marketing solutions to each case for strategic, cost-effective and concrete results.


Herald Square SEO

Based out of New York City, Herald Square SEO was founded by Caliph Herald. Caliph together with Herald Square SEO takes his technical expertise and apply it to the world of Search Engine Marketing and Optimization, ultimately giving that benefit to companies.



Gold Mind Digital


If you want actionable integrated marketing strategies and tactics to grow your business, Gold Mind Digital is the place to look for some fresh advice. On their blog, they talk about driving results and reaching your business goals easier in a non-traditional way!

Creactive INC.

Creactive Inc. is committed to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to successful internet marketing strategies and techniques. They provide a detailed consultation in order to recommend the package that will best serve your business needs and the customers you want to attract.


Tell Me Your Goal is the best SEO company in New York City according to Yelp. They create a full range of SEO ideas for small and large businesses. They are all about increasing company’s sales and visits to their websites.
An Orange County, Ca-based digital marketing agency CallSEO.com is designed to help small businesses and established companies of all sizes take advantages of organic search. They specialize in digital marketing, and keep up in an industry that is constantly shifting algorithms
Coronation Internet Marketing is a long time on the Phoenix marketplace and when it comes to Internet marketing programs they help websites to increase their organic search score and to get the highest rankings with competitive keywords.
P5 Marketing Team helps companies reach their high rankings and always keeps them satisfied by giving and sharing great knowledge with SEO marketing and its benefits.
Howetek Creative team are results-driven, nationally recognized digital agency. They help to build and market a powerful online presence for companies who want to have better rank online.

SBWeb Center

The Small Business Web Center was created to provide advice and resources for small business owners trying to take their business online, or for people who just want to make some extra money on the Internet. Why the focus on small business? Because, small businesses make up the majority of businesses in America, and they are the ones that are the most disadvantaged. I will be sharing news, information and opinions on a wide range of topics related to online business, including SEO, online marketing and small business tips.


SEO Fuel Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency providing online marketing services to small, mid-size, and enterprise businesses. Their inbound marketing strategies enhance your brand presence online by helping companies attract new prospects and increase website traffic, generate more leads, grow sales etc.
Midas Marketing is a digital marketing, SEO and web design agency in Portland, OR which help businesses get more traffic, leads, and sales with great websites. They also run digital marketing campaigns focused on delivering high ROI. Their recession-proof marketing blog teaches great info about logos and branding, web design, digital lead generation, content marketing and SEO.

SEO Expert Brad

SEO Expert Brad is Search Engine Optimization Expert and digital marketer & online consultant who helps companies achieve better ranking and higher visibility in search engines. The personal approach makes Bradley Shaw to have a good advantage from bigger SEO companies. He help businesses adapt to the increasing importance of online marketing.

SEOExpert Brad


SEOFIED is helping wide variety of small and medium sized businesses from all over the globe to grow and prosper by utilizing innovative and proven techniques for website development, digital marketing and Social Media management. They blog about business goals and ensuring great results like driving quality traffic, increasing conversions and generating great revenues.


Email Marketing


ActiveTrail is an advanced marketing platform that offers comprehensive and user-friendly email and marketing automation. As a leading multi-channel email service provider, ActiveTrail helps businesses across the globe nurture their relationships with their clientele. You can find all the information you need about email and marketing automation on their blog, written by experts from their team.


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This company uses events and data to help their customers manage the email experience. The email platform itself is entirely event driven, but that’s not even the best thing about this amazing company. They also have an awesome blog on top of the phenomenal services and features.

Vero is a leading expert on email marketing personalization and analytics, plus their writers provide great solutions to email marketing issues that everyone seems to face. And their answers are always backed up by plenty of data.

After you spent time visiting Vero’s website, don’t forget to become their fan on Facebook and Twitter.

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The writers contributing to the SendGrid blog love everything about email. This is good for the email marketing novice because there’s a plethora of information readily available. They have written about hackathon highlights, email deliverability best practices, and they even have a wide range of API tutorials. As you can imagine, their blog is filled with the information that you crave in order to achieve lasting success.

SendGrid has particularly strong knowledge about all things API related. So do not hesitate to check out their blog. And once you fall in love with this company, do not forget to follow them on Twitter and Facebook.


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Emma is a powerful platform that provides advanced email marketing automation for businesses of all kinds including franchises, nonprofits, universities, agencies, and companies of every shape and size. But their amazing product is only the beginning. They also have an incredible blog that shares marketing strategies, email marketing tips, examples of successful email marketing campaigns, gifs, infographics, and everything else but the kitchen sink.

Their writing has a warm tone and is very friendly. You should get acquainted with this blog and company sooner rather than later. Get to know Emma even better by following on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Content Marketing


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As far as content marketing goes, it doesn’t get much better than Copyblogger. In fact, VentureBeat calls this website “the bible of content marketing.”

This website was first established in 1998 by Brian Clark, and since then it’s been rebranded as Rainmaker Digital. This blog is powerful because it helps you stay up to date on all things content marketing plus it shares the bigger picture.

On the site, you’ll discover effective guides, podcasts, and online marketing courses all related to content marketing. Plus, the blog itself has lots of insight, structure, and intrigue, so we highly recommend checking it out.

After you’ve gobbled up all of their blog content and looked around the rest of their website, do not forget to follow Copyblogger/Rainmaker Digital on Facebook and Twitter.


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This company takes great pride in being more than a marketing and content company. On the contrary, Contently has become specialists in technology that can help numerous brands create content on a massive scale.

They also have an amazing blog that’s beautifully designed and shares blog posts that break down various marketing techniques. They have interviews, content about social media, ROI, brands, and much more. They even share marketing news from the UK and Europe.

Take a quick look at Contently’s blog. We know you’re going to love it. And after you become a fan, feel free to follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Content Marketing Institute

The great thing about this site is they share a little bit of everything. They have posts about insight and advice on content marketing, they have guest posts from experts in the industry, they have how to guides, content budgeting guides, and much more.

When you become a fan, you become a member of an engaged community. They always share the latest insight and information about the content marketing industry, plus their delivery is light and fun and jampacked with valuable information.

Take some time to explore their website, and when you’re finished remember to check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

Techi News 24


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 TechiNews24.com is a technology blogging platform. Here you can read reviews and news on the different types of laptops, mobiles, computers, gadgets and electronics items etc. To read the latest technology news Techinews24.com is the perfect for you.

New Startups


New-Startups.com is an aggregated gallery of startups, startup news and entrepreneurship information. They collect a wide range of bright new ideas from around the globe, keeping you up to date on incredible emerging businesses, offering their reviews, and providing a platform to engage in discussions.

The Blogger City


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The Blogger City is the best multi-niche blog to follow. It offers high-quality information, how to’s and tips and tricks on Digital Marketing, Science & Technology, Mobiles, Software, Lifestyle and much more. TBC is the one stop for all of your interests with rich and interactive multimedia storytelling.”

PPC Marketing

PPC Hero

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This top class blog provides numerous tips for professionals looking for info in a format that’s easy to digest. And as far as PPC marketing is concerned, PPC Hero is one of the best blogs in the industry today.

Take some time to explore their website. They stay up to date on all the latest trending information, provide breakdowns on important topics like social, display, mobile, and search and so much more.

Visit their blog today. And when you’re through, remember to look them up on Twitter and Facebook too.

Google: Inside AdWords

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Here’s another blog run by the brilliant minds at Google that truly shapes the way the industry does business today. Their AdWords blog has invaluable advice, tips, and tricks for using this powerful platform. Plus they share all the latest and greatest news in the industry and they even provide resources and other great sources of information all backed up and posted on their blog.

After you finish reading their blog, feel free to take a look at their Facebook page as well.

Bing Ads

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To truly get the most out of PPC advertising, it makes sense to learn from the search engines themselves. That’s why the Bing Ads blog is incredibly useful to PPC marketers far and wide.

They provide information about search advertising, Bing Ads, and they also have detailed articles for marketers and small businesses alike. Their information is valuable, sustained, and they provide many nuggets of wisdom for their readers.

You can either take our word for it or check out their blog yourself. It’s a top-notch blog and one of the best in the industry. And while you’re at it, start following Bing Ads on Facebook and Twitter too for even more information and insight.

Conversion Optimisation


The team of people behind Omniconvert wants to empower marketers around the world to create marketing campaigns that matter to consumers in a smart way. Meet them at the intersection of creativity, integrity, and development, and let them show you how to optimize your marketing. You can follow their CRO blog here!

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Wigzo was founded by Umair Mohammed, with the objective of creating the smartest conversion optimisation products, which are simple to use. Both ZoPush ( web browser notifications ) and ZoConvert ( Facebook messenger bot ) are new products that the company has launched. The idea behind building these products was to create ways that actually fetch clients more sales in a shorter time, and in a more cost-effective manner. Higher ROI is what matters at the end of the day and web push notifications have proved to be far more effective in this sphere. Messenger bots too are rapidly being experimented with especially by eCommerce clients. These products promise a great future as a channel of sales and engagement.
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Social Media

Social Media Explorer

Screencap of [https://www.socialmediaexplorer.com/]

Social Media Explorer looks at themselves as renegades in the social media industry. The articles shared on this website are refreshing, original, and provide great insight into all things social media.

This website actively looks to eliminate the noise and provide the best content on the topic of social media. They are doing a great job at it as well, so remember to visit their website and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Social Media Examiner

Screencap of [http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/]

At this time, Social Media Examiner is probably the biggest resource for all things social media related online. This website thrives on its powerful daily email newsletter. The site is geared toward getting you to sign up to their email list, but once you do you’ll be able to get free social media marketing reports and other forms of valuable information for free. This content is so good that you’ll be surprised you don’t have to pay for it.

So pay attention to the information being shared on the Social Media Examiner website. You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The Mention Blog

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 5.59.13 PM

Mention is a media monitoring tool that helps brands track and improve their performance online. The blog offers strategy and advice to marketers, business leaders, and agencies, to make digital marketing more effective for everyone!

General Marketing

Seth’s Blog

Screencap of [http://sethgodin.typepad.com/]

Seth Godin is an author, entrepreneur, and one of the most powerful voices in the world of Internet marketing. Many of his blog entries are very short and sweet and right to the point. But they all share powerful messages, fundamental business concepts, and will teach you a thing or two about areas where you didn’t even know you were lacking.

Seth Godin loves sharing his invaluable insights with the world, so check out his blog and start following him on Twitter and Facebook.


Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 11.42.34 AM

Kulture Konnect is a one-stop marketing and graphic design studio assisting over 45 small, medium and large size businesses. They specialize in branding, web design and content marketing. Kulture Konnect aims to help its customers create and implement graphic design and marketing that people actually love.

They’ve created their blog for entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, marketers and designers who want to dig deeper into branding, marketing and design. Their aim is to provide great advice on the latest industry trends and offer you some educational tools that will help improve your bottom line.


Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 12.15.20 PM

Smartify My Biz was created to help relieve the headache of implementing lead funnels and email marketing campaigns for coaches and consultants. It was founded by Lindsey Weissert who loved the idea of working remotely while helping coaches and consultants strategize, systematize and ultimately automate their back-office processes.


Screencap of [http://www.wpromote.com/blog/]

This is one of the biggest digital marketing companies today. They have many high profile clients and powerful integrated services. Plus, they share a wide range of information on their blog about social media marketing, Google Analytics, and search engine optimization. Their blog is a huge source of inspiration for marketers far and wide.

Feel free to bookmark their blog and come back to it day after day. And if that’s not enough for you, you can start following them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook too.

Almond Solutions

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 10.46.09 PM

Almond Solutions is a veteran company that has made its impact felt in the web industry loud and clear. Established in 2005, the company has been promoted by some highly skilled specialists dedicated to deliver total web solutions and digital marketing services under one roof. It possesses not only the most up-to-date technology gadgets but also the most qualified and experience hands to provide highest user friendly customized solutions.


Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 4.21.45 PM

Staylisted firmly believes that educating business owners about digital marketing empowers them to make smart decisions for their company. That’s why the Staylisted blog is dedicated to teaching small business owners about marketing their company online.
Most marketing blogs are geared toward industry professionals, which means they’re practically written in another language. Instead of marketing agencies writing to impress other marketing agencies, Staylisted’s blog is written for the people who need it most, small business owners. So what does that mean? Well, instead of assuming the reader knows industry jargon, we explain it. Instead of promoting theories, we write content that readers can use to help better their brand.
All around, the Staylisted blog is written by professionals who want to make digital marketing more relatable for small business owners who are interested in learning how to take control of their online presence.
Semark Media
Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 8.59.48 PM

Semark Media Pvt. Ltd is a Delhi based online marketing company that is emerging as a potent solution for businesses to be showcased effectively in their target audience base. The company seems to have developed unique SEO and content marketing strategies that help their clients get good ROI for their apparently modest invest amount. The most visible USP of this company is the guaranteed increase of their clients’ website ranking, revenue and sales.

A hardworking and intrepid entrepreneur by nature, the founder of Semark Media, Birbahadur Singh Kathayat has instilled very strong value system in the company. The way this company is competing with the industry sharks is really remarkable. “We are continuously getting short of manpower, as new orders are piling up; while we are busy in recruiting new professionals” Kathayat said.

Mod Girl Marketing

Mod Girl Marketing Website

Looking to boost your digital marketing skills or grow your digital agency? In this blog, Mod Girl Marketing shares their tried-and-true insights from more than a decade in the field. Led by Mandy McEwen, who was named a top 8 SEO Expert by Search Engine Journal, this blog covers everything from achieving the coveted “Position 0” in Google to future-proofing your digital agency to a smooth client on-boarding process.

After years of helping B2B healthcare and technology companies scale their businesses, McEwen began sharing her expertise with fellow digital agency owners, showing them the exact steps you need to follow to land your dream clients and achieve your goals. If you want to brush up on your digital marketing knowledge or learn how to skyrocket your agency’s success, check out Mod Girl Marketing’s blog.



Screencap of [https://www.distilled.net/resources/]

Distilled is a great website focused on helping business owners thrive on the Internet. They use a holistic approach to all things digital marketing, and their powerful blog covers a wide range of interests including SEO, digital marketing, paid advertising, and more. They provide educational resources and they are an all-around great source for all things PPC and SEO marketing related.

Take some time to read their blog posts right now. And when you’re done, you can follow Distilled on Twitter and Facebook.

Conversion Optimization


Screencap of [http://unbounce.com/blog/]

This shouldn’t come as a major shock to anyone, but the main objective of this site is to help online marketers increase their overall conversions. Not only do they attempt to help website owners increase conversions on their sites, but they also provide priceless information about increasing conversions on marketing campaigns.

If that’s not enough, they also have the amazing Unbounce blog that would never fail to impress. Not only does it have an amazing design, but it’s executed perfectly and it’s a powerful resource for those looking to improve their online marketing campaigns.

The contributors to this website are always looking to help. And that’s a good thing, because you can visit the site on a regular basis to read plenty of articles, interviews, and other unique information that will help you improve your conversions by a wide margin.

Visit the Unbounce website sooner rather than later. Plus, you should also feel free to follow them on Twitter and Facebook.


Screencap of [https://www.behave.org/]

This unique and powerful website is formally known as Which Test Won. After rebranding the website, they’ve now become a publication that is specifically dedicated to behavior and performance marketing.

They share case studies about A/B split testing and they’re always providing information about all types of split tests. This community is encouraging, they want you to experiment on your own website, and their optimization tactics are second to none.

Besides the weekly case studies that they publish, there’s also lots of other resources of helpful conversion content that they share. They provide manuals and e-books for everyone to learn from.

If you love the Behave website, you should also think about following them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


Screencap of [https://www.widerfunnel.com/blog/]

This conversion focused blog was developed to help readers improve their conversion rates. They have their Conversion Optimization System that is far more advanced than anything else online today.

On the website, you’ll be able to learn about a rich array of topics including B2B, segmentation, optimization strategies, navigation, market psychology, value proposition, and much more. There’s truly a plethora of information for anyone to comb through if you’re looking to improve on your overall conversion rates.

After spending hours on their blog, feel free to begin following WiderFunnel on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The Social Ms.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 5.12.22 PM

Online marketers Jonathan and Susanna have been part of the social media and content marketing world since 2010. After building a publishing platform with social media marketing they started their own social media marketing blog The Social Ms.
The Social Ms focuses on growing traffic and making revenues from online marketing with free and low-budget methods that are available to everyone – even without a budget for advertising. They live what they write about: The Social Ms focuses on methods they actually use and have tested and proven to work themselves.
On The Social Ms blog, you can learn everything you need to build a successful online business. You want to learn more about The Social Ms? Follow them on Twitter or Facebook.
You want to learn more about The Social Ms? Follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

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They are passionate about helping businesses produce great blog content that helps their business grow. By building an amazing team of content strategist, writers, and editors Blog Hands is able to provide the effectiveness of a full in-house content team at fraction of the cost. Blog Hands is dedicated to partnering with leaders to discover if and how outsourcing their blog content production can benefit their business.

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GuestPostBlogging.com is a blogging platform for bloggers, digital marketers, and individuals. It is started by Mohd. Atif in 2016 with the aim to provide free information to the people. Talking about GuestPostBlogging.com, it provides a tribune to hundred plus writers to share their ideas with people. It gives many new ideas to the common masses through its informative blogs by posting something new on daily basis. The sole purpose of the site is to quench the thrust of those who have a keen eye towards the updates in digital marketing, health, technology and many other such arenas.

Blogging Titan

BloggingTitan.com is a website where you can read and learn ways to become better at blogging with tips and tricks from the very best in Video, Social Media and Blogging. Read the ultimate blogging resource list they published and enjoy expert’s tips!

SEO Basics

SEOBasics.info is an SEO blog founded in September 2015 by an SEO enthusiast Burim Bekteshi.
Here you can read up the basics of Search engine optimization tips and tutorials on improving websites and blogs visibility on search engines.



Internet Company, WordPress Themes, Templates & Plugins, Design, Web Development, and Magazine. We provide web design services, premium responsive WordPress themes & plugins, high-quality freebies and inspiration articles. We create site builders and web solutions for any project and design idea since 2010.

Whether you need pages with advanced resources, striking galleries, a professional blog, a creative portfolio, or an online store, it’s all included in our WordPress themes. Best of all, everything is mobile-ready right from the start.



Nightwatch is a cloud-based SEO tracker and analytics platform of a new generation. Its core incentive lies in the experience gathered over the years working with some of the most experienced SEO experts and growth specialists. Providing all the data you need to get accurate insights of your SEO performance, Nightwatch strives to dissolve limitations of existing platforms that lack flexibility and adjustability when tracking and analyzing big data assets.

Nightwatch takes pride in its keyword segmentation abilities, proficient visualizations, and sleek interface that helps track and analyze your SEO performance at a scale like no other tool.

Their blog covers SEO, digital marketing, SMM, branding, business, IT, and growth-related topics and offers actionable tips and advice for solo marketing newbies as well as SEO professionals, entrepreneurs, and agencies.



Pinch of Social

Social Media and Digital Marketing landscape is evolving rapidly. With a focus on social media Pinch of Social shares interesting and actionable information on SEO, Digital marketing in general and blogging.  The blog was founded by Neha Lad who is a certified marking professional with over 10 years experience in the field. She aims to keep bloggers, entrepreneurs and small business owners stay ahead of the social game and educate them on the basics of digital.




Takis Athanassiou

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As you can see, there are so many valuable business marketing blogs online. If you need help succeeding today, tomorrow, or for years to come, you need to start reading and following the best industry blogs available right now.

If you’re new to the Internet and digital marketing in general, you’ll come to realize that everything moves at a rapid pace online. What works for websites today will not work as a marketing tactic tomorrow. So you have to stay on top of things at all times, because otherwise, you may end up suffering the consequences of outdated information.

Please use these important resources every step of the way. They’ll help your business and make you a better online marketer, which is the ultimate goal, right?


Use these [powerful PR tools for Internet Marketing

Use These Powerful PR Tools to Master Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is the most effective way to improve public relations, hands down. Today, the Internet is the main way that your customers will find and interact with you. Without a strong presence online, your company will definitely suffer and have a tough time competing in your industry.

To market online, you should be familiar with content marketing, which means putting information about your company in front of potential customers. What you put out there is not just sales copy that says “buy my product,” but informational copy that gives an in-depth look at “why buy it.” You also must know how to grab opportunities to publicize yourself.

There are many powerful PR tools that will make it simpler to market online if you are attempting to do it yourself without the benefit of a marketing or public relations firm.

We would like to share our favorite PR tools with you today. When you start using these tools in your business, you’ll see how truly easy it is to manage media relations, content marketing,  and certain aspects of Internet marketing online.

Internet marketing tools

The Best PR Tools for Internet Marketing

Every one of the tools that we are about to share with you can help improve your ability to market online.

1.  Google Alerts 

Google Alerts make an excellent PR tool for a number of different reasons. First of all, it’s free. And who doesn’t like free, right? Second, this tool can play a valuable as part of a marketing PR strategy.

You can track the news pertaining to your competition. You can track the latest trends going on in your industry and review mentions of your brand name, competitor, or sector names by entering keywords,

Let’s say you are selling real estate in Des Moines or athlete shoes in Ithaca. By indicating your industry and location as well other important variables in your market, you will get daily email with ne3ws stories about these things. These alerts help you stay on top of everything related to your business and your industry.

2.  Help a Reporter Out (HARO) 

HARO is particularly useful for connecting journalists and bloggers with sources for their articles. If you are trying to promote a product or service you offer, you might find that someone is looking for what you have. For example, a reporter trying to find information for a story on how much people spend on holiday novelties, you might reply if you make costumes and have data about spending patterns among adult and child wearers.  

HARO send you emails three times a day that you can quickly scan for opportunities to share your views on information pertaining to your industry.

By becoming a HARO expert, you will “help a reporter out” and gain much-needed visibility for your business. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Implement internet marketing tools

3.  Google Drive 

Here is another excellent free tool that makes it easy to create and share compelling and interesting content. If multiple members of your staff must work together on the same piece of content, it’s best to share it on Google Drive rather than send it back and forth in email form.

Here is another excellent free tool that makes it easy to create and share compelling and interesting content. If multiple members of your staff must work together on the same piece of content, it’s best to share it on Google Drive rather than send it back and forth in email form.

All team members can have access to the work and contribute to the document from the comfort of their favorite device. Since Google drive saves every change automatically every three seconds, you don’t have to worry about losing your work or worry about it crashing.

Anyone with access to the document has the ability to edit in real time. Google Drive encourages collaboration on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, and graphics among teams.

4.  Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer 

This free, powerful headline analyzer tool is valuable when attempting to create engaging, clickable content. The  Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer tool does exactly what the name says it can do.

It will analyze any headline that you put into it and it will tell you the specific type of emotion that it evokes. Plus, it also provides a percentage of effectiveness, which also makes this tool even more effective.using this tool can help you increase client engagement


Mastering Internet marketing is never easy. We would never try to convince you otherwise. But if you begin using these powerful PR tools and add them to your online marketing repertoire, it will get easier and more effective as time goes by.

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