Top Digital Marketing Brands to Follow for 2019

An Overview of Grade A, Top-Notch Digital Marketing Brands in 2019


The Brandpoint Blog

The Brandpoint Blog is geared at helping you be a better content marketer. And since they’ve been in the digital content marketing space for over 20 years, they’ve got some valuable insights to share.
Their blog features great in-depth pieces about SEO and how Google assesses quality, an interview series featuring marketers and strategists from all over the industry, a host of pieces on content marketing tools and content distribution tactics, and much more.
No matter what area of content marketing you’re in, Brandpoint’s blog has got something for you.


As you can see, there are so many valuable business marketing blogs online. If you need help succeeding today, tomorrow, or for years to come, you need to start reading and following the best industry blogs available right now.

If you’re new to the Internet and digital marketing in general, you’ll come to realize that everything moves at a rapid pace online. What works for websites today will not work as a marketing tactic tomorrow. So you have to stay on top of things at all times, because otherwise, you may end up suffering the consequences of outdated information.

Please use these important resources every step of the way. They’ll help your business and make you a better online marketer, which is the ultimate goal, right?

Why Content Groups and Search Intent are Important?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It obtains the traffic from the editorial and organic search results on web search engines. The entire search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo, have these major search results. It is where the web pages and the other content like local listings, videos and ranked based on the search engine consider to the users. It targets different types of search which includes video search, image search, news search, academic search and other searches which is relevant.  It will be visible by search engines when users enter a local search for products or services.

If you are sorting through all of your keywords, topics, campaigns, content, and the other features separately, then you aren’t getting the activities insights which you need to do strategic marketing. Start getting and reporting data, reflects how you are organizing your efforts and show progress towards KPIs and the goals. Use some keywords and content groups to monitor your marketing and SEO efforts. Measure SEO performance by making content groups based on personas, geographies, campaigns, products, features, messaging and other marketing needs. SEO is how you get the benefit that search engines provide without paying for ads in the market.

The goal of SEO

The main goal of SEO is to maintain and to make new leads from the search engines through:

  • Increasing organic traffics
  • Increasing keyword ratings
  • Ranking for more keywords

In order to make new leads, you need to make traffic in your website, and you require to make high ranks for your keywords which you have used and need to know what your audiences are familiar with.

Best practices of SEO


There are some factors to consider are the list of best practices that could be some pages. There are many resources on the web, but there are few basics like:

  • Ensure you have a user-friendly and easy to navigate website
  • Create a creative and unique content to attract the audience who finds it useful.
  • Make use of some keywords in your website copy that your audience is searching for
  • Create tags and keywords for more descriptions for your website.
  • Share your content on social media for promotions
  • Ensure that your website is not full of technical mistakes.

Content groups feature

Content grouping lets you group the content into a logical structural manner which reflects how you think about your company website or the application. It views and compares the metrics by group name in the web pages. If you want to know more about SEO, then you should get in touch with Enovarius Houston.

Content grouping allows the marketers to analyze their analytics and also allows viewing their site content in logical groups to understand better how different categories of products are working together and the buckets which generate the most revenue.

A grouping is just a bunch of groups and groups are a collection of content. You can make a content grouping called ‘practice areas’ and then make groups within that grouping like securities law, civil litigation, and family law. You can make up to 5 content groupings, but there is no limit for the number of content groups which you can make under each grouping set.

Setup methods: the first step is to make a group is to navigate to and click on ‘content grouping’ under the button ‘view’ in your Google Analytics. Then it is taken to a screen that will show all your groupings. This is the screen where you can either create a new group or edit an already existing group. There are three methods you can use to create a new content group. They are tracking code method, extraction method, and rules method.

Content groups are advantageous for your SEO business

For quick success, content grouping is the best feature. It works well for comparing what is actually working and what is not in terms of content. If you find that one group is performing better in comparison to others, you will have an understanding of what you should analyze. Content grouping will not prove to be useful if you fail to create the right kinds of groups. There are several ways in which you can properly organize your content in order to create the best out of them in the future. It includes the following:

Informational intent: At the first step, there is the intentional ranking. A lot of people search for information on the internet about education, whether as well as information about search engine optimization. In such cases, individuals have specific questions regarding a certain question or wish to know about a specific topic.

Navigational intent: This is known for being the second type of search tent and individuals having this intent always try to land on a particular website. For instance, individuals looking for Facebook will be on their way to the Facebook site.

Ranking high on the navigational intent is the only an advantage for your website traffic, provided that your website is the one people are searching for.

Transactional intent:  This is known for being the third type of search intent. There are lots of individuals who purchase from online and browse the websites to come across the best deals. Individuals who really have the intention of purchasing something prefer searching with the transactional intent.

Commercial investigation: Some individuals have future purchasing intention, but use the site to conduct research at present. Search individuals are actually more specific, and they have transactional intent. They do not make the purchase initially but have particular plans for doing so after some time. Commercial investigating intents are those that are related to commercial kinds of search intents.


Keyword intent

The words used by people for the search queries will provide information about the user intent.

If individuals use words like the deal, buy, and discount, it implies that they are prone to purchase something. On the other hand, if individuals search using words like how to, you will know, information, etc. It shows an informational search intent strategy. A key component of SEO is ensuring your website is optimized for keywords which are relevant to your business.

It is important in making sure that the content you are writing fits both the terms people are searching for. Ensure that your posts or the web pages are informational intent.

Top 7 Ways Social Media Marketing Can Boost Your Business

For some business owner, social media marketing is the “next big thing”, a temporary fury, but strong enough to be tapped when still in the vanguard. While to others, it is a keyword with no practical advantages and a sharp, complex learning curve.

Because it appeared quickly, social networks have developed a reputation for some like the fact that marketing is a commercial interest, and therefore a little attractive. Statistics, however, show a different picture. According to a survey, 94% of marketers in 2015 stated that social media marketing was important to their business, with 80% indicating that it has increased the traffic on their websites. Also, 97% of operators are currently participating in social networks – but 85% of those surveyed are not sure which social media tools are the best to utilize.

This shows a huge potential for social media marketing to increase sales, but a lack of understanding of how to achieve these results. Below are some tips on how social media marketing can improve your business:

Gain valuable customer knowledge

Social networks also give you the opportunity to gain valuable insight into what your customers like and how they react. For example, you can monitor user feedback to see what people think about your business directly. You can sort the contents of the coverage list and can see which content types generate the most interest – and then produce more of this content type. You can seize the advance of diverse offers posted on different social media and finally find the right combination to boost your income.

Take care of your team
Source: Pixabay

Social media creates a huge amount of data about your customers in real time. Behind these amazing numbers is a wealth of information about your customers – who they are, what they like and how they feel about your brand.

Every day through active participation and social listening, you can collect customer data and use this information to make smarter decisions. With HootSuite Insights, for example, you can collect information about all social networks in real time – allowing you to measure customer interest to find conversations around your brand and generate real-time reports.

Propel brand awareness and loyalty

When you have a presence in social media, it makes it easy for your customers to find and connect with you. When you connect with your customers in social media, they are more likely to increase customer retention and brand loyalty. A study of social habits shows that 53 percent of Americans who follow social brands are more loyal to these brands. Each opportunity should combine its content and improve its visibility, it is valuable. The social network is a new scope for your content and most importantly your brand. This is important because while it is easier, it makes it more accessible to new customers and makes you more familiar and recognizable by your existing customers. For instance, a frequent Twitter user could get information about your company for the first time only after seeing it in a news feed. Or, an otherwise evasive customer can better know your brand after seeing them on multiple networks.

Perform targeted ads with real-time results

Social ads are an inexpensive way to promote your business and content distribution. They also offer powerful guidance options so you can reach the right audience. For instance, if you engage in an ad campaign on LinkedIn, you can sort by location, sex, position, company, and age etc. If you run an ad on Facebook, you can target based on location, interests, demographics, behaviors, and connections. You can track and measure the performance of your social ads in real time.

Provide an exceptional customer experience

Social media marketing is just like any other means of communication such as phone call, text messages or emails. Any discussion you have with a customer on social media is an opportunity to publicly show your level of customer service and improve your relationship with your customers. For example, if a customer complains about your product on Twitter, you can go immediately to make comments, apologize publicly and take steps to do it right. Or, if a customer congratulates you, you can thank and recommend additional products. Customers will only know you care about them when treating their issues personally.

Even if you are not socially interactive, most customers expect you to be. More than 67% of consumers go to social media for customer service. They expect fast turnaround times and support all day long, all year round.

Increase site traffic and search ranking

social traffic
Source: Pixabay

Without social media, incoming traffic is restricted to people who are already familiar with the brand and people who coincidentally search for the related keyword based on their needs. Each social networking profiles that are added is another path that leads back to your website and each piece of content that links these profiles is another opportunity for a new visitor. The higher the quality of content you are advertising on social media, the more incoming traffic and this will create more drivers and more conversions.

Gain more insights into your competitors

Your competitors are already involved in social networking, which means that they incur potential traffic to your social media page and your conversions received. Do not remain inactive while your competitors receive all the interest from social media marketing. If your competition is not involved in social media, there is still a reason to start – the domain is open.

By monitoring social networks you can get basic information about your competitors. This type of information will allow you to make strategic business decisions to stay ahead of them. For example, you can create search feeds in Hootsuite to keep track of industry keywords and competitors’ names and products. Based on the results, you can improve your business to provide improvements in the product, service or content that may be missing.

More opportunities for conversion

All the submissions you make on a social media platform is an opportunity for customers to convert. When the next one is created, it will arrive at the same time to new customers, recent customers and old customers and be able to interact with all customers. Every posting of pictures, blogs, video or commentary they share is an opportunity for customers to say something and any positive comment could lead to a visit to the area and eventually to a conversion. Not all interactions about your product will lead to conversion but each positive comment increases the chances of a conversion. Even if click-through rates are low, the large number of opportunities you have in social media is important.

Author Bio:

Kenneth Evans is a Content Marketing Strategist for Top App Development Companies, a research platform for top app development companies in USA, UK, India, UAE, Australia and around the world. He has been contributing to various blogging platforms and Forums.

SEO Ranking – Most important Steps (besides Keywords!)

Are you getting less traffic than you’d like on your pages? Have you been reading SEO articles, but are feeling overwhelmed with all the information and everyone talking about keywords and nothing else? Don’t worry, it’s normal to feel lost in all of that, but we’re here to help. Here are the most important things you need to know about improving your SEO ranking whether you are just starting out and setting up your first site or a veteran blogger looking to improve your traffic.

1. Improve dwell time

One of the important things that algorithms look for is how long visitors stay on your page. If you are using clickbait links which draw a lot of people in, but they click away as soon as they see the page itself, you are doing yourself more harm than good. You want people to stay on your website for as long as possible and come back to it. This means that you want people to stay and read your text, as well as click on something else on your website when they are done. This is why most websites put similar article recommendations in the middle and at the end of pages.

2. Progress tracking

Setting up your page and an SEO plan isn’t enough. The algorithms are constantly changing and you need to keep tracking your progress to make sure you are getting the most out of your articles. The best thing you can do is set up an SEO reporting system which will automatically track everything and display it for you so you can easily see if there are any big dips or peaks. As soon as you see a significant change in traffic, try to see what you’ve done differently and why that could be.

3. Post relevant content

Every site has a topic that they primarily focus on, and that is what you should be doing as well. If your topics are all over the place and you don’t know what exactly the focus of your site is, you will have a hard time creating a readership base, as you risk being seen as a site that only collects paid links, since you don’t have a set topic. Additionally, make sure everything you write is up to date, relevant and useful to your readers. Nobody cares about reading something that is last month’s news.

4. Make it look good

The contents of your post and your site can be the most interesting thing in the world, but if it doesn’t look appealing, nobody is going to invest the time to read it. Make sure that all of your posts are divided into paragraphs, embellished by photos, and that it all visually looks like a cohesive piece. You also want to make sure that you are optimizing your page for multiple screen sizes so that people can access your content no matter where they are, and it will still look good. You don’t want to over-saturate your page with images if your main focus is the text, so stick to a rule of about one photo per paragraph.

Remember that overuse of SEO tools can lead to a detrimental effect, and you want to always stay within the natural limits that won’t make your page look unreadable. Avoid using too many keywords, or in any way over-optimizing your site, so that your site remains at the top of the results without any penalties. Make sure you are patient and let your readership grow since these things don’t happen overnight. Just keep putting out quality content, and you will be rewarded in the end.



The Worst Guest Blogging Mistakes

Like most things in life, guest blogging has its advantages and disadvantages. It can be a great and powerful tool if used properly, but it could also have a detrimental effect on your effort to build your company’s reputation and image. The effect, therefore, depends on the person who uses it.

However, if we stop for a moment and think about the situation, the solution is pretty simple, to be honest. Namely, both the site owner and guest blogger have the same goal. They are looking for quality content, which can increase the visibility and popularity of the site. That, in turn, will lead to more success for all the parties included. So, while it’s difficult to provide many general tips about what to do, it’s much easier to point out what shouldn’t be done. Let’s take a look at some of the worst mistakes related to guest blogging.


Content is king

Nobody will ever read a text if they are not interested in the topic. That means your topic needs to be intriguing and delivery clear. In terms of the length, don’t expect people to learn much from very short posts, but also make sure that your post is not too long, especially since the attention span of modern readers is shorter than before. It’s always better to publish several shorter posts with clear focuses than one long post containing all the information you find relevant.

Don’t preach

Most people don’t like when people present their thoughts in a way that is not engaging. This problem is not reflected only in the choice of register (either too formal or informal), but also in the lack of questions, which are used to arouse interest. Your reader should respect your opinion, but that is only achieved if the claims and ideas you present are supported by facts and research. Finally, every reader wants to feel as if you’re writing to them personally, so make sure you know your audience.

Seeing helps believing

Many guest blog posts lack visual aid, which is an aspect often overlooked. When opening a page, your reader has certain expectations and finding a large chunk of text with no visual aid is definitely one of them. Presenting your ideas in a bullet form or as a list is very helpful and so are many relevant images that can help the reader keep their attention. Also, don’t forget that images are also indexed by Google, which means they play an important role when it comes to search traffic. So, make sure the images you choose are truly organic and relevant.

Too much is too bad


Don’t just post anything that comes your way. While you need posts to get more traffic, you need to understand that quality is as important as quantity. People will only return to your site if they feel their time is worth spending reading the posts you publish. If you are a new blogger, avoid the urge to post multiple posts each day, since that alone will not attract more visitors to the site. On the contrary, most people will find it too much to cope with and you’ll lose your readership easily.

Don’t blog about blogging

If you do a simple search on how to blog, you’ll find that there are so many posts containing tips and advice and most of them are the same. If you have nothing original to offer, don’t post just because your feel you need to. Readers visit sites for various reasons. Some want to learn something, others to be entertained, but they all have expectations that you need to meet and, ideally, exceed. That’s the only way to attract new and keep the existing readers, which is the ultimate goal. The most valuable posts are those offering new insights or approaches to the topic or those presenting latest developments and trends.

Any of these mistakes can easily damage the reputation of both the blogger and the site which has posted it, which is why you need to set the standards and make no compromise about it. After all, it’s only if both sides are satisfied that you can expect the desired results.


5 Effective Ways to Boost Your Company’s Online Presence

No matter the industry, no matter the market, every business should strive to become known and respected in the online realm. After all, with the world’s population becoming increasingly digitally-savvy and spending their time browsing the web for their favorite products and necessary services, it would be a cry and shame if your company didn’t try to tap into this rich pool of opportunities.

However, boosting brand awareness and presence in the online universe is not as easy a task as one might think – it’s not just about having a website and a couple of product descriptions, you know. It’s about so much more than if you want to truly dominate the web, you will have to get with the times and introduce some effective online marketing tactics that will put your brand on the proverbial map.

It all begins with a content strategy


First and foremost, if boosting your online presence is the key objective, then understand that creating a content strategy should be your no.1 priority. In the online world, content is king, and if your website doesn’t have a blog page, then you’re not only wasting your potential as a brand, but you’re also letting your competition attract your potential customers with engaging storytelling and relevant messages.

What’s more, in order to make your brand visible online and boost your organic traffic – ultimately raising the brand awareness in the industry – you need to use your stellar content to woo the popular search engines. Always remember, Google favors websites that are optimized, active, and contribute to the community on a regular basis with informative content.

Complement your stories with engaging visuals

Posting stellar content on your website, social media, and other authoritative websites in the industry are only one piece of the online puzzle. Another crucial piece is your visual identity and how your brand followers respond to your images, colors, and other types of content. It should go without saying that if you want to boost your online presence, you should strive to infuse your brand’s visuals into every content piece you put out, regardless if it’s a blog, a video, or an infographic.

With that in mind, consider diversifying your content pool from simple blog posts to engaging images, infographics, explainer videos, and tutorials, as well as live events to boost audience engagement and spread the word of your brand across the digital realm.

Mastering the art of budgeting


One of the keys to online recognition and long-term success actually lies in mastering the art of budgeting and knowing exactly when, where, and how to push the innovation process to extend your brand’s reach and engage your demographic. To achieve this, you need to use finance to give your company a competitive advantage.

For instance, by learning how trade finance works you can master the art of budgeting with different markets in mind and tap into the online market more efficiently. By acquiring the right financial know-how in the most important areas of your online business and with the right budget at your disposal, you can build stronger relationships with your suppliers as well as your manufacturers, ultimately delivering a better service to your clients.

Disseminate your brand across social media platforms

We live in the age of social media, and given the fact that some three billion people use social media on a daily basis, it only stands to reason that SM platforms are your best bet for online recognition and awareness. In fact, if you post quality content on a regular basis, you are bound to snag a sizable piece of this expansive online audience.

First things first, though, you want to discover which social media networks have the biggest potential for brand growth. Keep in mind that not all SM platforms were made equal, and some will serve your brand better than others. With that in mind, you want to focus on thorough market research, and determine where your ideal audience dwells the most so that you can push towards growing your presence and reputation on those channels.

Optimize for Google and mobile


Last but not least, if you want to put yourself on the online map and appeal to an ever-increasing audience pool, you will need to optimize your entire digital existence for search engines as well as mobile. SEO is the name of the digital game, and incorporating the right keywords in specific places in your content will increase your chances of rising to the top spot on every related search page.

What’s more, if you put the effort into mobile optimization at the same time, you will not only boost your presence, but you will also tap into a growing consumer market that’s bound to dominate the online scene in the years to come. So, make sure your website is optimized for all mobile devices in order to attract a whole new demographic to your doorstep.

Dominating the online arena is not an easy task, especially when you consider the fact that your competitors are trying to achieve the same. Nevertheless, these effective solutions are bound to boost your presence and recognition in the industry and help you stay one step ahead of the competition.
About the author:

My name is Raul, editor in chief at Technivorz blog. I have a lot to say about innovations in all aspects of digital technology and online marketing. You can reach me out on Twitter.



Marketing metrics for digital markekting

8 Digital Marketing Metrics That Clears Out the Blur for You

Thanks to modern digital marketing tools businesses have a lot of information at their fingertips to streamline their marketing efforts and increase sales. That sounds pretty good, but finding out where to get started in the jungle of information available can be overwhelming. However, for your convenience here is a list of eight digital marketing metrics to focus on in order to evaluate and focus your efforts. We’ll even include a successful example for a real-life peek into how it works.

8 Effective Digital Marketing Metrics

Get your return on investment

1. Return on Investment (ROI)

As the old saying goes, “you’ve got to spend money to make money.” Marketing costs money, but you should pay attention to how much money you are spending vs. how much you are making. Some simple math comes into play, and you need a few figures. The cost per lead is the first number. The second number is the amount or percentage of leads that turn into sales. The last number is the average customer value. For example, if you pay $10/lead and 50% of your leads turn into sales, then it costs you an average of $20/customer. If the average customer makes a one time purchase of $50, your ROI is $30. That’s a positive ROI and a good sign. If your average customer’s purchase is less than $20, in this scenario, you have a negative ROI and are spending more than you are making. This information is valuable because it allows you to re-think your marketing strategy and make changes in order to make your business profitable.

2. Lead Close Rate

Traffic to your website is great. If no one sees it, then no one will buy. However, receiving a lot of visits to your website is useless if no one is turning into a customer. The close lead rate is a crucial metric in the grand scheme of things because it’s an indication that something in your marketing campaign is lacking or succeeding. If your close lead rate is high, you are doing something right! If it’s low, you know you should start investigating the reason why. Globally, across all industries, the close lead rate hovers around 3% but if you’d like to find out the average website lead close rate for your industry check out figures calculated based on industry and country.

Keeping the customer for return purchases

3. Customer Retention Rate

Last month’s blowout sale may have resulted in a lot of purchases, but if those customers use and lose your product or business, you might not be coming out ahead. Like any metric, this is just one way to narrow down on a problem area and isn’t telling of what the end issue is. It could mean that customers are dissatisfied with the end product. Or it could mean that your pricing is too high to retain the customers you’ve been targeting. If your customer retention rate is less than satisfactory, it’s a great starting point in pinpointing problem areas in your business or marketing plan.

4. Landing Page Performance and Effectiveness

Your landing page has the potential to provide a lot of information about visitor habits. Clickable links are a key way to find out what is working and what isn’t. You’ll notice the eye-catching website offers a lot of clickable links including videos, photo galleries, feature lists, quotes, contact links and similar models. The variety on this landing page will provide a wealth of information to analyze. Along with the information it is ideal to add call to actions on the page. Doing that can help in increasing the page/product performance. In short, it is ideal to make the landing page worth the watch and put simple, visible call to action to increase CTR.

Aim for a high click through rate

5. Click Through Rate

A lot of people might see your blog or advertisement in passing, but the click-through rate measures how many people who see it click on it and are exposed to your associated landing page. Apparently, a high click-through rate is a good thing and means that your method for driving visitors to your website is successful. A low click-through rate means you may have to re-think how successful your advertisement is doing.

6. Long-Term Comparisons

Every business has highs and lows based on the season and market changes. The best way to get an idea of how you are doing is to look at the big picture. How does this year compare to last year? If you weren’t doing much digital marketing last year but started this year and have seen an increase in profit, it’s a good sign that your efforts are paying off. The more years of data you have to compare the more accurate of a picture you can get of the overall results of your marketing effort. Suppose if you run a business that provides invoice finance, then you must compare on how many businesses opted for your service last year to what is the number for this year and how many of them are recurring?

Customer long-term value

7. Customer Lifetime Value

Your type of business can influence the customer lifetime value significantly, so it is important once again to look at the bigger picture when determining the cost-effectiveness of your marketing. If you have a product that is most likely a one-time purchase and won’t be repeated be sure that the cost of bringing in a customer isn’t higher than the money you put into securing them. However, spending more to bring in a customer is valuable if they are likely to continue buying your product.

8. Conversion Rates Based on Device

It’s valuable to find out how much of your website traffic comes from which devices, and what their conversion rates are. More people are shopping from mobile devices, and if you are finding this to be common for your business, you should consider ensuring mobile-friendly websites for smooth transitions.

Final Considerations

While there are a lot of factors to consider when improving your digital marketing plan, these eight factors are a great start to knowing how to think about how well your efforts are paying off. It’s important to remember that these metrics should be viewed with a big-picture perspective in order to hone in your efforts for maximum effectiveness.

Use soical media in product promotion

Ways to Promote Your E-commerce Business Without Sounding Salesy


Most people in the current times spend at least two hours on social media daily which adds up to at least five years and four months’ time spent on the social apps in the lifetime of any person. It cannot, therefore, be ignored that people spend a considerable amount of time in trying to connect and engage with friends as well as family members. They also engage with brands as they might seek products to brighten the skin or meet some other need they have.

Don't forget social marking in your e-commerce business

The social media is relevant in providing news, family updates, events that are crucial to people as they help them in feeling connected in one place. However, despite the significant advantage of social media to people, many marketers forget to utilize it for the sales pitch. Below are the correct ways of promoting your e-commerce products without being too pushy or salesy.

Promoting Your E-Commerce Business Without Sounding Salesy

Connecting With Bloggers and Influencers

The best referrals always come from trusted sources such as those from friends and family members. Such recommendations are most likely fruitful as they have been tried and confirmed to work in most cases. Research done shows that the peers’ recommendations influence 70% of millennials once people want to buy products. In most cases. about 70% of millennials choose endorsements coming from non-celebrities.

With the use of social, the number of trustworthy people is higher compared to the conventional methods since people can rely on more than just family and friends when they are in need of recommendations. Other people who turn out to be beneficial in practice are bloggers, influencers, some celebrities, and the trend-makers. Working with the influencers can be beneficial to you as it can help in one becoming a part of the trends made.

When good partnerships with the social influencers and bloggers are created, you can beat a great advantage of increasing the products sales as well as growing a more loyal customer base. Social promotion is normally achieved through the use of influencer marketing since posts can seamlessly be blend into the user’s timeline at all times. This strategy is the most effective compared to most others as it helps in acquiring new customers easily. Such strong relationships give you the opportunity to promote the e-commerce business effectively without seeming like a sleazy salesperson. The idea generally becomes that the post may not be coming directly from your brand hence not showing any signs of being pushy. The influencers will generally share their insights about your products to build awareness and trust among the customers. Some, however, come in the organic format, but the fastest and easiest way to make use of the influences of the product is through the use of the sponsored content.

Marketing funnel for ecommerce

Image Source:


These posts are generally paid for, and the best way to gain more customers on the social networks for your products is making the post seem as natural as possible without exaggerating the content. Mistakes in posted ads can cost the products in lost sales if they make the customers lose trust. When selecting the influencers, it is important to choose those who are excited to show off the brand and are willing to work it out for your brand to bring out the best content that stands out among the competitors. It is also essential that the influencers tag each post as sponsored appropriately to achieve the set goal either by adding a simple # ad or # paid. Remember that if the posts appear to be spam, they can push away the followers from the influencers’ part of from your brand which makes it extremely crucial to be careful at all times.

It is essential to include that the content is sponsored but always necessary to apply wisdom and creativity while doing it. Labelling the sponsorships and partnerships is also crucial in the promotion as it helps in ethical reasons and letting followers know that the posts have been paid.

One thing, however, customers should be aware that the posts from the influencers are not organic. Long-lasting relationships are crucial in the promotion of e-commerce businesses at all times.

Promote your product

Consider Running a Contest or Promotion

Usually, offering a free item in a contest is an excellent strategy in ensuring you create a buzz in business among the clients. This kind of promotion helps in building the product awareness as well as the brands and results in the company support. It is advisable to stay true to your brand at all times to achieve the best results from the promotion.

While quantity might be substantial in some cases, when it comes to promoting business in the social, quality is always crucial. With proper planning, great success from the social promotion is highly achievable.

First, you need to have clear rules clearly and know what you want. When the expectations are clear for both you and the participants, then confusion is minimized, and this helps in making everyone happy even after the contest. The contest should be developed with the aim of creating new leads and attracting new customers into the business. The new customer leads should be added to the business email list and also get engaged in the social profiles improving the brand awareness.

Suppose if your business sells products that brighten the skin, you can run a contest where you ask the contestants to find out a product from your website which can brighten the skin in the shortest period of time and ask them to explain how by considering the product descriptions. The one who gives the most relevant product wins the contest.

Video sells products

 Producing Product Videos

Today, most people spend a considerable amount of time watching YouTube videos, and the rate continues to increase day by day. Visual content attracts many people in the social creating internet video traffic. It is now more accessible for people to create and share videos as opposed to the past. A video is an easy way to engage with the audience even with the use of mobile phones. It gives an excellent opportunity to humanize your brands as well as strengthen the relationships with the customers.

Promoting businesses on the social are similar to walking a tightrope. Once the messaging is active, the social posts can pick up wind and therefore sending the products flying off in the internet shelves. On the other hand, when the messaging gets wrong, you can tend to be too pushy or salesy to the followers, therefore, getting them to rush to the “unfriend” button. There is a need hence for you to find the perfect balance on getting the messaging right for the use of the social media so that you can promote the e-commerce businesses the correct way.

Successful online business

5 Strategic Approaches Towards Creating a Strong Online Business

Even though starting an online business can be just what you need to create the wealth that you want to achieve, there is quite a bit of information that you may not know about getting these businesses up and running. Fortunately, however, there is a huge conglomeration of information available online that can help you with setting up the foundation for a strong online business. Some of the most beneficial can be found on sites dedicated to both new and aspiring entrepreneurs. Having said this, here are 5 proven approaches that you can use towards creating a strong online business.

Tips For Creating A Healthy Online Business


Set yuur business goals

#1 – Set Your Goals First By Strategizing

Some business owners jump right into their new online business start-ups by going straight to the grind to work. While this may appear to be the best way that a strong business should get off the ground, this is not always the case. This especially true for those prospective online business owners who want to make sure that they are setting and meeting certain set goals. These goals can help a business owner to determine if, in fact, that they are on the right track. So, for those of you who are interested in one of the first steps to developing an effective start-up plan, you may start by setting goals.

The strategies used usually entail establishing milestones goals for the present as well as the future. It is also important for you to write down the goals that you have identified. These goals will not only be used to measure how much progress has been made but also to set up the plans that will be needed to move on to the next steps. It is also important to note that by writing these goals down, everyone can refer back to them from time to time to see if the organization remains on schedule.

Obtain accounting expertise

 #2- Hire an Accountant to Help With Your Finances

When you start your online business, you need to protect your interest by making sure the right processes, procedures, and creditable financial resources are in place. Therefore, when you begin to progress financially, you always need someone to handle your accounting so that you can protect the profits that you are earning. This is because the end of the year can be a very difficult time if the expertise is not in-house.

Having said that, you will need to hire an accountant that can assist you with keeping things up running and growing financially. Before you can hire the right company for these needs, you should also make sure that have access to accountant fee financing options if you need the help with paying these bills and expenses.

Establish a company website

#3. Set Up a Company Website to Deploy Your Marketing Strategies

Once you have established the goals that you want to meet, you should set up your company’s website. Your company’s website is a very big part of your online marketing campaign so it must be set-up with these objectives in mind. To be successful in this area, you need to become familiar with what the major search engines like Google and Yahoo are looking for, how to reach your target audience, how to drive traffic to your site, and a host of other things that will make your website a great marketing tool. For instance, you need to publish engaging content that will keep consumers coming back to your site over and over again. Your site will also need to meet certain SEO requirements so that it will rank high in the major search engines. When you need help in this area, you can review what Google has published so that you gain access to the SEO tools that they offer to online and brick and mortar companies.

Show your products to best advantage

#4. Showcase Your Products to Show Best Features

If you are an online business owner that sells specific types of products, you need to find a way to make sure that your items are seen in a positive light so that the consumer will want to buy them. One of the best ways to increase your sells is to find a way to showcase your products so that they can easily be seen and reviewed for their best features. For instance, you may need to set up a specific section on your site for the purposes of establishing your own e-commerce store. This is because an e-commerce software application can easily be installed on your site and it is simple to maintain properly. Consumers will also have a chance to not only view the products that you are selling but also buy them in large quantities if the buyer wants to purchase more than one. These features are also designed to make it easy for a buyer to check out at the end of their product selections as soon as they are complete.

Set up a payment gateway account

#5. Secure a Payment Gateway

If you want to be paid for your products easily, and with a transparent payment processing system, you should do your homework on how payment gateway services work. According to the latest trends in the industry, many merchant account providers are combining their efforts to offer full packages to meet your needs. The list below includes some of the most common benefits that you and your organization can look for.

  •  Secure transactions. Secure transactions that will help you to provide a payment system that is safe and secure for housing sensitive data. This is great for customers who do not want to use your payment system because of the potential for fraud.


  • Increase in Customer base expansions. When you decide one of these payment gateways, you will also have the leverage that you need to expand exponentially so you will no longer have to worry about a cap that can be placed on top at any time.


  • Faster Processing. When you sign up with payment gateway systems, you will also have access to systems that allow you to receive fast payments from your customers. So, there is no more waiting unnecessarily to receive payments on your products.
Maintain your brand reputation

Brand Reputation: Why Is It Important In The Digital World?

Brand Reputation: Why Is It Important In The Digital World?

Millions of new businesses fail each year, making it incredibly difficult, time-consuming, and daunting to try to create your own brand and make it a success. One thing that has both helped and hurt business owners is the online marketplace. Sure, it’s easier for you to reach your clientele without needing to rent an office space and deal with workers, but you’re also dealing with a lot more competition than you’ve ever had to handle in the past. However, when you have a good reputation for your online brand, it’ll be easier for you to grow as a company and earn the revenue you both need and want to stay afloat.

What's in a brand name?


What’s in A Brand Name?

Your brand is what has built your company and is what will continue to bring in customers who are interested in the products or services that you’re offering. If you have a good brand that offers high-quality products and services, you can expect to have a reputation that is superior to competitors. However, even the smallest things can taint your otherwise perfect reputation. This might include a bad review online written by a disgruntled customer or a complaint to the BBB that is causing you to lose ratings on this highly-trusted site. The reputation of your brand could mean the difference between being a true success as a business owner or having a company that is on the brink of failure.

The Importance of Having a Reputable Brand

When your brand is reputable, more people will be willing to make use of your company. Think of your own experience with companies and consider two different options: one business has a good reputation with amazing reviews and the other has a bad reputation that causes you to feel unsure of what type of experience you’ll have with them. It’s obvious which one of these companies you’d choose when buying products or making use of a specific service. Because of this example, it’s easy to see why your brand needs to have a good reputation that will entice more and more people to come to you when they need what it is that you’re offering. A good reputation also means more money long-term, since you’ll be getting a lot of people who want to make use of your business.

Build your online reputation

Get Positive Image on Web

Enhancing your brand is a good way to improve its reputation and entice future customers to come and make use of the products and services you’re offering. One way that you can improve your reputation is by responding personally to negative reviews in a professional manner. The moment you start getting short with those who are reviewing your service, the quicker you’ll lose your good reputation. Instead, reply personally to negative reviews and ask what you can do in order to correct the situation. There are also many services that you can pay that will physically remove or outnumber the negative reviews with positive ones so that you have more positive reviews than negative. While this doesn’t necessarily get rid of the bag experiences customers have had, it does give you a chance to fight back and regrow the business in a way that is better for clientele. You can also ask your employees to give positive reviews on the job portals and review platforms to give a positive impact on the future prospects.

Something that is almost the same as having a bad reputation is having no reputation at all. If you’re a brand new company, you need to work online to grow your brand and get people to notice what you’re offering. There are several ways for you to do this. One way is to optimize your site for search engines, making it easier for people to find you online. Next, you can and should make use of social media to market your business and get people interested in your brand.

Beat the competitrion online

Beating the Competition Online

The reason your brand reputation is so important in the digital world is that it can make or break your company. Nowadays, a lot of people do research on a specific company, even if it’s physically-based before they make use of any business. Because of this, if your reputation online is lacking, or if you have a lot of negative reviews, you’re going to miss out on opportunities to sell because of what people are seeing on their computers, tablets or smartphones. Another aspect of internet branding is the competition, as there are probably dozens of companies just like your own that are competing with you to get people to buy their items.

Analyze failing products

What to Do if Your Brand is Failing

If your brand is failing and you’re afraid of losing all of the work and money you put into growing it, you need to improve its reputation online. Local-based reputation is fine, but if you get most of your customers from the internet, you’re going to want to work on marketing and advertising to get people interested in what you’re offering again. You also need to take a look at what is causing your reputation to fail. If it’s due to not having enough of a reputation, marketing and advertising are more than enough. However, if your reputation is lacking because of negative feedback, reviews and customer complaints, you need to respond to these issues personally and in a highly-professional manner so that people consider removing their reviews or trying your brand again.

Because there are so many businesses online, it can be difficult to keep your company’s brand reputation at an all-time high. However, it is one of the most beneficial things that you can do for your company. After all, all business owners want to see their companies grow quickly and with as much positive feedback as is possible. There are a variety of ways for you to keep your brand reputation solid on the internet, even if you’re dealing with a lot of competition and are unsure of how you’re going to beat them. Make sure that you make your brand different from the others and handle feedback professionally as soon as possible.

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