5 Ways to Work More Efficiently with Your Remote Digital Marketing Team


If you are not familiar with digital marketing, you need to get up to speed quickly. When your parents had a business they most likely used the Yellow Pages as their prime marketing tool and supplemented that with mailings and maybe broadcast media ads if they had the money. Now, digital marketing reigns, and you’ve probably been made aware of that fact by the countless robocalls you get from someone claiming to be a Google rep.

There are good remote digital marketers out there, however, and here are five ways to begin and cultivate a great relationship with your remote digital marketing team.

Use Contracts

The quality of your team’s contract can tell you a lot about their professionalism. If their document looks like it was cut and pasted from various internet sources, you should probably look elsewhere. The contract should be a neat, clean and easily understandable statement that outlines the duties of both parties in the relationship. The more details that are present, the less chance there will be for disagreements and problems.

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Contact Guidelines

The digital world moves quickly, so make sure your team knows when you are available. If you take three days to answer emails or texts, you may give your remote marketing team the idea that marketing is not your number one concern. If you appear laid back, your work may not be completed with a sense of urgency.

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Also, find out when you can expect answers to your queries. If you want instant replies, make sure your team knows that and that they are capable and willing to meet your reply time constraints.

Since you might be doing business with a marketer who works out of their Minneapolis studio, while you’re in Austin, Texas, you need to have open and clear lines of communication.

Scope of Work

Both sides need to discuss exactly what the relationship will entail. Do you want Facebook ads, an AdWords campaign, daily Twitter posts, or are you just looking for blogs that will increase your organic search results? Or, if you don’t know what you want, be sure to use a marketing team that will guide you through the social media marketing process.


Do you like to micromanage? Are you going to read every word of copy? Or, are you going to let your team do its job and be happy with the quality results they provide? Yes, these are rhetorical questions, but you get the point. Having a contract management template is a must for you.

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Also, make sure that you are happy with your main contact person and that you have an alternative source in case you need to get something done in a hurry.

Foreign or Domestic

This one is your call. Many companies have great successful relationships with overseas digital marketing firms, and you can also. Of course, be aware of time/date differences if you deal with someone in a distant country, but there should not be any language barriers. If there are, you may need to look elsewhere.

Digital marketing is an excellent way to grow your business and there is no reason that a remote relationship can’t work—especially if you pay attention to the previous five tips.


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